Monday, January 30, 2017

Week #72

Hey Mis!

Dang! Chill with the dates! Hahaha. I'm glad you're having fun out there, and I hope your presentation went well too.

My week was pretty good. We had some interviews with our mission president. It was really good to sit down and talk with him! I think I had probably the longest interview of my mission last week haha. We were there for almost an hour talking about stuff. Yep, I was that guy that held everyone up haha. I just had tons of questions cuz I had been freaking out a little lately haha. Being double transferred into an area, double transferred into a struggling zone who hasn't had a baptism for 4 weeks, training a brand new zone leader who had never been in leadership before, and building up two brand new district leaders, I've been freaking out lately. He definitely talked me through a lot of stuff though, it was a good experience. 

We also had three exchanges this week 😵🔫 haha. I was first with Elder Beaumont in our area, the district leader's companion. He's a good guy, he's only been out 8 weeks, and he's from South Carolina. He's a little timid, but we had some good lessons on our exchange. One of the bishops had set up two lessons with PMFs for that Wednesday, so it was super cool because they are really solid. It was a good experience for him. Then we had an exchange with the APs. Since the Kingman Stake had interviews one day, and the Lake Havasu Stake the next, they stayed the night with us and blitzed our area. Elder Wightman was with Ramirez, and I went with Elder Excell. It was kinda crazy haha, but it was a lot of fun. We called one of our ward mission leaders, and we did a 4 way split, it was super cool! We found a lot of people to teach, and had some pretty bomb lessons! I learned a lot from Elder Excell too. He's suuuuuper organized, so he gave me a lot of tips on how to keep my head above the water with everything that's going on haha. It was definitely good. We officially exchanged back after interviews in Lake Havasu, where I did an exchange with Elder Cook, a district leader in Parker. I got to go back to Parker for a day!! It was pretty sweet. We had dinner with a RC family, the Grenwalts, that Rigby and I taught. They gave me a present! It's a sweet Native American blanket! I forgot to take a picture, so I'll send it next week. It's pretty dope. And they fed us fettuccine alfredo, which was awesome too! Haha. Elder Cook works super hard too, it was fun working with him that day!

Also, there was a missionary broadcast this week, and they made some big announcements! We only keep track of people baptized, confirmed, with dates, who attends church, and new investigators. That's it! Makes my job easier haha. They also changed the schedule! Instead of planning at night, we plan the morning of! And companionship study, lunch, and 12 week training got reduced to a half hour instead of an hour, and you can place them wherever you want in your day. And personal study starts at 9am instead of 8am. It's pretty crazy. So we plan at 8:30am, do personal study at 9am, and do comp study whenever, and lunch and 12 week whenever. It's pretty crazy! Plus, p-day now starts at 8am instead of 10!!! And we only study for a half hour at 7:30. It's pretty crazy.

That was pretty much my week! I hope you keep doing well, and that you have a great week too!

Love you Mis!


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