Monday, January 23, 2017

Weel #71

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a busy week! Haha careful with those dates, don't get married till I get home lol. I totally forgot about inauguration haha. But hey, it happened! It'll be interesting what comes of it. 

My week was busy! First off, the day before I found out about being transferred to Lake Havasu, Elder Hatch and I had a lesson back in Vegas with Karen who was getting baptized. At the lesson, Karen asked if I would baptize her. I was totally honored! But then, we found out I was going to the one place that was pretty much impossible to come back to a baptism for. She was really bummed, as was I, but she said that she would find someone else. After I arrived in Lake Havasu, I realized that we had a meeting back in Las Vegas on the 18th. Her baptism was the 17th, at 8pm. So, I called the APs and asked for special permission to drive down early for the baptism, stay the night with Elder Hatch and his new companion, and attend the meeting in the morning. The mission has had some issues with sleepovers and groups of missionaries being in one place, so I was worried it wouldn't get approved. But, IT DID! So, unbeknownst to Karen and her family, Elder Ramirez and I drove to Vegas Tuesday night for the baptism. When we arrived, we snuck into the back of the stake center, and I quickly went into the locker room and changed into a white jumpsuit. Then, Elder Hatch and his new companion led me and Elder Ramirez to where the baptism was taking place. When Karen saw me, she screamed and ran over to me! It was pretty awesome haha. Elder Hatch had printed out the programs, and had put that I was baptizing Karen, so they were hiding the programs from her haha. It was a pretty cool experience.

The next day, I got to see Elder Aitchison!! He's serving near Lake Mead and the outskirts of Henderson. It was pretty cool to see him. The conference was pretty cool, I definitely learned a lot from President Snow. The people that the Lord calls are definitely inspired, I definitely learned what I needed to from him that day. Our area is doing pretty well. Troy, someone that we found the first week in the area, came to church again, and he brought his 1 1/2 year old son, Liam. Elder Ramirez and I got worried cuz Liam got loose a couple times, but the members helped out a lot with controlling him. Troy really enjoyed church, and stayed for all three hours!! His friend who the missionaries had been teaching, Chris, was at church too. Chris cut out early and tried to convince Troy to go with him, but Troy told him he wanted to stay instead, and he did! Which was awesome. 

And then in the other ward, the Godfrey parents came to church. Sister Godfrey had a lot of concerns, but the stake president, President Lundin, knows them well and wanted to come to a lesson. So we brought him, and he threw down some pretty insane doctrine. My mind was blown, and I'm pretty sure the Godfreys' minds were too. They came to church and really enjoyed it. Bro. Godfrey was sick though, so they cut out early, but that was more progress than what was going on lately, so that was good! I also went on exchange with Elder Fenton in Bullhead City. I knew him from North Las Vegas and Green Valley, so we're pretty good buds. His area was struggling to find people to teach. So, we prayed at the beginning of the exchange to find elect people. By the exchange, we found 6 new people to teach!! It was pretty sweet. The Lord definitely blesses us if we ask and do our part!

That was pretty much my week! I hope have an awesome week!

Love you Mis!


Zone pic (Sent 1/23/17) 
Karen's baptism (Sent 1/23/17) 
MLC (Sent 1/23/17)  
Elder Aitchison (Sent 1/23/17)

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