Monday, January 2, 2017

Week #68

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a great week! That's funny Oke is at Rob's now, sounds like Dad has no regrets about that haha. The trip looks fun from the pictures! I hope you guys had a great New Years. 

My week was pretty good. This week wasn't as stressful, and it was actually a really good week for our zone! It seems like the stress and work is starting to pay off for the zone. I had three exchanges this week. The first was with Elder Andersen, then with Elder Gonzalez, and then with Elder Wightman. It was weird doing two exchanges with former companions haha. My exchange with Elder Andersen went pretty well. He's from Boston, so it was cool talking with someone from the east coast again. We had some good lessons, nothing too crazy. The exchange with Elder Gonzalez was actually really lame haha. He complained about how his companion doesn't know Spanish or how to be a missionary. I was kinda like "well, he's only been out five weeks, maybe you should train him?" Lol. He's really slowed down in his missionary work, it's pretty sad. After that I did an exchange with Wightman! It went pretty well. He came to our area, and we had some good lessons. One of our investigators, Karen, said she's quitting smoking cold turkey on Tuesday!! So that should be fun. 

Transfer calls are this week. My gut feeling is that I'm leaving. Hatch needs an opportunity to take the lead of our zone. I don't know where I'm going though, so we'll see
where I'm needed!

That was my week! I hope you guys have a great week!

Love you Mis!


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