Monday, January 16, 2017

Week #70

Hey Mis!

That's cool that school had a pretty good start! And that's fun you went to Moab! I hope Asia is transitioning well at UVU. My week was tough, but a lot of fun! 

The tough stuff: being doubled into an area, covering two new wards, taking over a zone with three brand new district leaders, and training a new zone leader. The missionaries before only had two semi-progressing investigators, and left little to no notes on the area or members too, so that made it interesting. And, the apartment was wrecked. So! It was definitely a fun start to the week. Since we didn't have much info, and the area book didn't transfer us over until Thursday, we just went out finding. Street contacting, tracking, old referrals, etc. 

The fun stuff: We ended up finding some pretty cool people! Ones named Theresa. She just moved to Havasu from Mississippi, and was looking for a church to go to. We taught her the Restoration, and invited her to come to church, read the Book of Mormon, to pray about it, and to get baptized, and she said yes to all of them! The bummer though was that she has some social anxiety, so when Sunday morning came, her ride went to pick her up, but she was too afraid to go. :( We're going to see her tonight to resolve some of those concerns she has. She has a lot of potential though! 

Another person that we found was named Troy. He was a reallllllly old referral that missionaries never contacted. We visited him, and we sat down and talked. We taught him the Restoration as well, and he loved it! He wants to get baptized in February! We had an appointment with him Saturday, but we were stuck in Vegas at a mission conference, so we couldn't make it. BUT, on Sunday, he showed up to church, and he brought a friend!! And it just so happens that his friend was one of the two semi-solid people the previous missionaries had been teaching, Chris. It was pretty cool! We also set up appointments with both ward mission leaders, and one of the bishops. Both wards are super missionary minded! It's going to be a lot of fun serving here. Elder Ramirez and I have been getting along pretty well, which has been nice. He's learning pretty quickly, which has been good. Lake Havasu is a really fun place to be in, too. Fun fact: I guess the old London Bridge was rebuilt here in Lake Havasu City. I don't know why here of all places, but hey, I got to take some pictures by it! I'm going to enjoy serving here, I can feel it! Oh also, the big mission conference that caused us to miss Troy's appointment was pretty cool. We were visited by PRESIDENT RUSSELL M. NELSON, President Lynn G. Robbins, and Elder William H. Stoddard. It was an awesome experience. Just like the Holland visit, we went forward in a line and shook their hands. It was pretty sweet! And they taught a lot of great things too, it really opened my eyes more on the eternal perspective of missionary work. That was pretty much my week! 

Also, if you send any letters or packages, send them to:
1755 Magnolia Drive #103
Lake Havasu, AZ 86403

Have a great week! Love you Mis!


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