Monday, January 9, 2017

Week #69

Hey Mis!

I hope your week was good! Here's my week: This week was interesting! First off, we had transfer calls, and....(drum roll).... I'M GOING TO LAKE HAVASU!!!!! It's an hour from Parker, my last area haha. It's pretty rare that someone goes out of the valley twice in their mission. There's only 2 other missionaries that have gotten to do that. It's crazy though, because both missionaries in Lake Havasu are leaving, so I'm being double-transferred in! And my new companion will be Elder Ramirez. He's actually in my zone right now, and he was training a new missionary. He's never been a district leader, so it'll be interesting to see how he adjusts to taking a bigger leap! It'll be interesting training him up, and being double transferred in, but I'm excited! Plus I'll get to do exchanges in my old area haha. I loved being out of valley, it'll be exciting to be able to go back! 

Other than that, Karen has been clean of smoking since Tuesday! It's been remarkable to see someone change so much because they want to access the Atonement of Jesus Christ so badly. She's smoked for over 40 years, and she's cut it cold turkey on Tuesday! She's getting baptized on the 17th. I won't be there for it, but it's cool to still see the progress she's made! Other than that, nothing too exciting happened. I'm gonna be saying goodbye to people tonight, so that'll be hard, but I'm excited for Lake Havasu!!!

Have a great week!

Love you Mis!


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