Monday, December 26, 2016

Week #67

Hey Dad!

It was great to skype you and the family last night too! I really enjoyed it. And thank you for the $100!! Hatch forgot his wallet today, so I bought him shaving cream, so the charge was like $102. He's paying me back when we get home.

Sorry if I seemed a little off during the call. I was super excited to talk with you and the girls, I've just been really worried about the zone and everything. The zone has struggled lately, both with missionary work and obedience. I've just been frustrated cuz this zone has been pretty disobedient for a while, so now that someone is actually trying to fix it, they're being super resistant. And I've been trying to help Elder Hatch, but he's suuuuper forgetful. So I either have to remind him a bunch or do it myself. Our area is struggling to, our ward is kinda complacent with missionary work right now. They're kind of accustomed to having successful missionary work, so they've been expecting us to do it on our own because we're zone leaders. It's frustrating. I've definitely learned a lot, but it's been pretty taxing lately. So that's why I've felt a little overwhelmed lately, and haven't quite been myself. 

On the bright side, the sister training leaders in our zone have been awesome. They're the ones holding it together, they've been a big support. Other than that, this week will be pretty fun! We have three exchanges, and one of them is with the APs. I won't be with Wightman, but it'll still be fun! I hope you have a great week!

Love you Dad!

Christmas Skype call 12/25/16

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