Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week #66

Hey Mis!

Yeah Dad told me, that's really sad. I hope the Mandarino side is taking it well. And you're right, it must be amazing to have that reunion up there! I hope your finals went well, and I'm glad you made it home safe!

My week was pretty good. We had Christmas Conference with our zone, the North Las Vegas zone, and the Central Stake and Sunrise Stake zone. It was pretty fun, I got to see some old missionaries that I have served around, and I got to see Elder Wightman again! He's still an AP, and poor guy, he looked super tired there hahaha. We've been visiting Karen pretty much daily now. She's been doing awesome! She's down to three cigarettes a day, and she's still on track for January 14th! We're stoked. I did an exchange with Elder Branning. He's a good guy. He's got 4 months left, so he's pretty old, but he's really cool. He's from Houston, Texas. He's a big baseball guy, and so I got to talk a lot of baseball with him. His uncle is Wally Joyner, the former first baseman of the Angels, so that was pretty cool. We had some good visits with people too on the exchange, luckily nothing too crazy happened!

Crazy small world moment this week. We got a referral for a guy named Robert Ramos. He was going to be in town on vacation, and was looking for the local church. He was being taught by missionaries in New Mexico, but didn't want to miss church even though he was out of town. We called him and gave him the address and time. Sunday morning, he walks into church with three kids. We greet him and start talking with him. He told us more about how he had been meeting with some sister missionaries near Albuquerque, and he thought they were really cool. As he was talking, he mentioned "Sister Peterson and Sister Hay" and I was like I KNOW SISTER HAY!! And yeah, it turned out Alex Hay is one of the missionaries teaching him. It was pretty crazy. Robert was a really cool guy too, so it sounds like things are going well for him!! It's weird how small the world is haha.

That was pretty much my week! Have fun this week, and I'll see you Sunday!

Love you Mis!


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