Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week #59

Hey Mis! Sounds like a busy week. Haha, it scares me that real life decisions are coming up. I'm freaking out 😱 I'm glad you and your friends are doing well. We had a suuuuper busy week. First off, we had a mission tour on Wednesday! Elder Timothy J. Dyches came to our mission with his wife, he's from the second quorum of the seventy. He was really cool! He's super energetic, and his wife is awesome too. Sister Dyches is actually a convert, and she's from upstate NY! She grew up in Glens Falls. I got to talk with her a little bit about NY, it was really cool! Elder Dyches talked to us a lot about working effectively, and teaching repentance and baptizing converts. I got a lot out of it, and it reminded me of the purpose of missionary work. It was awesome. I also got to see Elder Rigby, Elder Wightman, and Elder Summers there as well. It was fun to see our "posterity line" haha. 

I got to go on a couple exchanges this week too. First I went on exchange with Elder Williams. He's a new district leader in our zone. He's from Brigham City, UT, and he's a good guy! We didn't get to do a ton of proselyting sadly, because we were called to take care of some stuff in the zone, as well as to help set up for the mission tour. I also did an exchange after mission tour with Elder Bissett. He's from Canada, and he's a funny guy. We had an awesome lesson with the Anderson family again, and they came to the ward activity too! The ward did a trunk-or-treat, and it was fun! We had a few more investigators go, that was cool too. 

Saturday was busy. We had a baptism for Nathaniel Cox at 1pm. When we were about to set up for the baptism, we got a call from some elders in our zone. One elder was doing squats, and dropped the bar on his back. They contacted the mission office, and they told him not to bike. These elders had appointments that morning that they needed to go to, so we did an emergency exchange, where Elder Hatch went with the other elder, and I took the hurt elder with me in the car. After we picked up the hurt elder, we realized that we hadn't gotten the chance to fill up the font yet, and the baptism was in an hour. We quickly sped over to the chapel where the font was. As we were driving, we got a phone call from Elder Gonzalez. He got transferred to North Las Vegas, but Nathaniel had asked Gonzalez to baptize him. Gonzalez had a ride from a member lined up, but he called us less than an hour before the baptism to tell us that his member cancelled, so he won't be able to attend. We then got to call Nathaniel and see who he wanted to baptize him. He said Elder Hatch. After we turned on the font, we ran back to our apartment to grab a towel and other stuff for Hatch. In the meantime, we also made copies for the program, set up chairs, and turned on the A/C. After we had done all that, Elder Hatch showed up. We quickly took pictures, while the Bishop, pianist, and everyone else showed up. When we sat down to start, it was exactly 1 o'clock. It was insane! The baptism was really spiritual to, it was a great day!

That was pretty much my week! I hope all is well, tell everyone I say hey!

Love you Mis!

Sent 10/31/16

Sent 10/31/16

Sent 10/31/16

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