Monday, November 21, 2016

Week #62

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a busy week! That's awesome you got to see the Becks! It's crazy to me that Jake is home now haha. Sounds like a fun trip in Boston so far too! That's awesome!

My week has been busy, but good. Our car died this week! It overheated for the third time in three weeks on Thursday. The first time, it was low on coolant, so we filled it, and then a week later, it was empty again. We took it to the shop after the third time. When we showed up, the guy said it would be a quick 2 hour fix. We came back 2 hours later, and he then told us the leak was deep in the engine, and it would be an overnight job. So, we went back the next day. The guy said that he called our vehicle coordinator to get the payment approved, but that our coordinator was out of town for the weekend, and he wouldn't be back till Monday. -_- We called our coordinator, and sure enough, no answer on his phone. So we were carless for the weekend. Hopefully we'll get the car back today! Haha. We also had a ZTC this week with everyone in our zone. It was good to see everyone, and it was a really productive meeting! Our zone has improved a lot this transfer, and it's been fun to see the growth. The Andersons also got baptized this week!!! It was such a cool experience. Each member of the family wanted a different person to baptize them, so we almost ran out of jumpsuits hahaha. It was so awesome, the whole family was tearing up at the baptism. They're an awesome family!

I hope you have an awesome week! We're having dinner with a family in the ward named the Stanleys, and they invited the Andersons over too! So it should be fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

Love ya Mis!


"ZTC" (Sent 11/21/16) 
"Baptism!! Me, Hatch, Bro. Nielsen, Leeanne, Nadine, Leeahnie,  Lee, Leeah,  Bro. Fox, and Gonzalez" (Sent 11/21/16)

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