Monday, November 14, 2016

Week #61

Hey Mis!

Yeah, it's crazy Trump is prez. A lot of people have been talking about it here haha. THIS WAS THE BUSIEST AND MOST STRESSFUL WEEK OF MY MISSION. It started off awesome. I exchanged with Wightman, my trainer!! It was fun. It was cool too see how much the two of us had changed in the last year since we had been companions. Some things haven't changed though, which I'll send in a separate email haha. After our exchange, we had two more exchanges right in a row. The first after Wightman was tough. The missionary I was with had some stuff on his iPad that he shouldn't have had, so I had to talk with him about it, and turn it in to President Snow. Then, the elder was so nervous about meeting with President Snow that he threw up multiple times at our apartment. -_- So that was fun. The same night I took his iPad, we got a call from the office, letting us know that a new companionship was coming to our zone.... that night. So we got to coordinate a place for them to stay the night, and find the apartment where they would stay. It was crazy.

So, back to Thursday morning, the elder was throwing up a bunch, so we exchanged back, and then started our third exchange in a row with a greenies named Elder Hodge. That was actually a really fun exchange! We exchanged back, and then we got a call from some elders needing a baptismal interview at that very second haha. So we drove to give a last-minute interview. The rest of the weekend was crazy too, the second counselor in the bishopric asked us to speak for church on Saturday night. It was a crazy week! The Anderson family is doing awesome though! They're getting baptized
Saturday! Hatch and I are getting along too, so that's been at least fun!

Sorry it's a shorter email, I have almost no time this week. Have a great week!

Love ya Mis!


"Comp unity (courtesy of Walmart - $3 each)" (Sent 11/14/16)
"Wightman exchange" (Sent 11/14/16)
"I got him back" (Sent 11/14/16)

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