Monday, November 28, 2016

Week #63

Hey Mis!

Thanksgiving was good. We ate with the Stanley's, a cool member family. They invited the Andersons over too which was pretty cool. Sounds like a fun week with all the traveling! I hope you got to have a good time with the family. I love the pictures too!

We had a very busy week yet again. First off, we got transfer calls, and.......... I'm staying. And so is Hatch. It should be a fun transfer, our zone did really well this last transfer, so we're hoping to build off of it! Our zone is getting a trio now, so it's the largest zone in the mission. 16 companionships, 33 missionaries. 😳😳 It sounds like the new additions though will be good for the zone though, so I'm excited!

So, remember last week how we were going to get our car back Monday? Well, we didn't. We didn't get it back till this morning. After our vehicle coordinator saw the price tag that the Firestone had that took our car in, he had it transferred to a dealership that the mission has a deal with instead. Then, the dealership didn't get a chance to work on it supposedly because of the holiday, so it wasn't finished till Saturday night, so we picked it up this morning. In the meantime though, a couple of elders let us borrow their bikes, so we were semi-mobile haha. We had a meeting with the Sister Training Leaders across the zone during the week, so we biked to their chapel and back, which was 6 miles each way. Then another day, we had to give baptismal interviews, so we biked to downtown around Fremont street, which was also about 6 miles. It was a lot, but it was actually fun!

We also have an investigator named Dominic. He's totallllllly a hippie, he's got super long hair, a beard, he's super soft spoken, and he wears jeans with sandals, and a button down shirt that has the top three buttons open everyday. But he's super down to earth and receptive! We gave him a church tour with the elders quorum president, Bro. Yi, and he really felt the Spirit! He said it made him feel "groovy". Yes, he said groovy. I felt like I was in an episode of Scooby Doo, because he kept saying "groovy" and "far out!". Hahaha. It was awesome. And then Sunday, HE CAME TO CHURCH!!! It was super cool. He loved it, and he said he'll be back next week. We're pumped!

This morning was kind of a sad morning. After we picked up our car, we had to take an elder to the mission office, so they could take him to the airport. He's only been out three months, and it's pretty sad. It wasn't a disobedience issue, he just felt he didn't have the desire to be here, and that he wanted to go home. It was a major bummer, but we can only hope that he'll be able to come back out. His companion has been pretty stressed, but we're hoping he'll handle it well. On the bright side though, Lee Anderson received the Aaronic priesthood and was ordained a priest today! It was pretty cool to see. He and his family have been doing great, they love everything about church! They are so awesome, we love them to death!

That was my week! I hope you have a great week.

Love you Mis!

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