Monday, October 24, 2016

Week #58

Hey Mis!

Thanks for the package! I got it today. We're definitely going to have fun on Halloween! Haha. It sounds like you had a fun week! That's a bummer BYU lost, but it sounded like a good game! Have fun on your dates this coming week! Don't get married lol.

My week was busy! I got my new companion, Elder Hatch, on Tuesday. He's from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but was born in LA, and lived in Utah and Connecticut as well. He's a good guy. He's been out a little less than 8 months, so he's super young! He's pretty easy going, and he's a good missionary. We had some good lessons this week. We met with a guy
named Nathaniel again. He's an awesome guy! He's getting baptized on the 29th, and we're stoked! Elder Rigby also told me that back in Parker, two people that I taught are getting baptized that day too, so I'm going to Skype-in again! It should be fun! We also met with the Anderson family, the two parents from LA with the three teenage daughters, and they finally came to church on Sunday!! Except their middle daughter. She was too afraid to go because she's really shy hahaha. But those who came loved it!!! We're working with them for them to get baptized Nov. 19th! 

We also had ZTC this week, and it was really cool! We have an awesome zone. There wasn't anything else that
was too exciting this week. Haha. That was my week! I hope you have a great week! Sorry it's a short email, there's not much exciting things going on. Good luck with your tests!

Love you Mis!


Sent 10/24/16

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