Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #57

Hey Mis!

The zone is doing good. There's a lot of changes this week, and our zone will have a new companionship this transfer! There will be 30 missionaries in the zone this coming transfer, it's crazy! Sorry about your week. That's lame. And I definitely appreciate the advice. The new STL coming in is really cool, I served around her in Green Valley, so things should be good! My comp is okay. He hasn't been my favorite comp, but he's not terrible. The area has been going well though!

We had a busy week! First off, we received transfer calls. Elder Gonzalez is leaving to North Las Vegas. My new companion will be Elder Hatch. I don't know much about him, but I know that he'll be a new zone leader. It'll be interesting! I've heard a lot of good things about Elder Hatch though, so it should be fun! There was also a baptism last week in Parker. Josh Grenwalt, someone in a part member family that Elder Rigby and I taught, got baptized Saturday! I got to FaceTime in, and it was really cool! We had a ward activity on Saturday. It was a pie competition, to see who could bake the best pie. It was a fun activity! AND, the Andersons came!!! They're a family that we're teaching, and they've been doing awesome!!! They're getting baptized Nov. 5, and we're stoked!! That was the only exciting part of the week haha. The rest was busy with meetings and boring stuff. Sorry this email is lame.

That was basically my week! I hope school and work gets better for you Mis. Have a great week!
Love you Mis!

I FaceTimed in (Sent 10/17/16)

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