Monday, October 10, 2016

Week #56

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a fun weekend! It seems like Asia enjoyed herself out there. Hopefully she'll enjoy the UVU tour too! And BYU beat Michigan State? Awesome! I'm glad the family is doing well out there too. As for the package, send it to the mission office, which is at:

9270 S. Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89123


I had a busy week! We had a lot of meetings. We had one on Wednesday with other zones, the APs, the MSTLs (sister APs), and President and Sister Snow. It was suuuuper long, but it was productive. It really opened my eyes to see how to best help our zone. Plus, it was fun to see Wightman again! Haha. The next day, Thursday, was zone conference, so I saw Wightman again! Haha. But it was a good meeting! It was long, but still productive. President asked if us and the STLs could give a joint training, so we did, and it was actually pretty good! We trained about finding and addressing needs in contacting, and compared it to fire. Sometimes there's smoke that makes it difficult to find the fire (their needs), but when we find the fire, we apply water. But not just any water, the water of life! Jesus Christ and His Atonement! Haha. It was super dorky, but the zone really liked it. Zone conference overall was awesome!

I hardly spent any proselyting time in my area this week. We had those two long meetings, and then I went on two exchanges out of my area this week haha. After zone conference, I went with Elder Pacheco in his area. Elder Pacheco came out the same time I did, and he actually sat next to me on the plane ride to Las Vegas, so it was good to catch up with him and get to know him better! He's from Hawaii, and he lived on the big island. His area and district had been struggling a little, so we had some good talks and plans on how to fix it. It was a fun exchange! We got to bike too, which I was really happy about. I've only had one biking area on my mission, and I honestly miss it! The bike life is the best on the mission! I also did an exchange with Elder Avery in his area. His companion is the DL, and this is his first transfer on the mission. He's a cool guy. He's from Michigan, and he just graduated high school this year. He makes me feel old haha. It was a fun exchange. He bikes as well, so I got to bike two days in a row, and I loved it! He had a lot of questions, so it was fun being able to help him out. We were biking in an apartment complex, and we came across this guy walking slowly on the sidewalk. He was sort of wobbling side to side as he walked. As we approached him, he tripped on the sidewalk and stumbled a little bit. We started talking with him, and he was hung over out of his mind. We walked and talked with him, and he invited us to come by in about an hour. He said he had to run to the store. He got into his car, backed out, almost ran over the curb, and drove away. About an hour later, we came back to the complex, and his car wasn't there. We figured he prolly got pulled over or crashed with the way he was driving haha. If I had a nickel for every time I talked to a drunk person on the street, I'd be a rich man!

Church was awesome! A guy we had been teaching named Nathaniel came to church again this week! He's getting baptized Oct. 29th! He's awesome! So that was really cool. We had some other people that we have been teaching come to church, so that was awesome too! The work in our area has been going really well!

That was pretty much my week! I hope you have a great week, and I hope school and work continue to go well!

Love you Mis!


Mission Leadership Council (Sent 10/10/16)
Zone Conference (Sent 10/10/16)

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