Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week #15

Hey Mis!

It was great Skyping you guys on Christmas! Glad to see you're all doing well. That was definitely by far the highlight of my week. It was a rough week aside from Christmas. No one wanted to meet with us this week, and no one really wanted to talk to us either haha. Most of our investigators were out of town, so no one came to church really. 

On Christmas we hung out with the Foremasters, where we played Risk and ping pong, and other stuff. Then we had dinner with the Voganns. Brother Vogann LOVES guns. He plays a game that wherever you stand in his house you're always within ten feet of a gun, and you have to find it. He's an interesting guy haha, but he's really cool. Christmas Eve we had dinner with the Foremasters, and it was HUGE. We had a good time there, but the rest of the week was rough. Although, we met a girl named Shay. We had stopped by her house before, but we stopped by again on Saturday just for the heck of it. She actually answered and invited us in! She had some friends in town, and they're LDS! Their names are Candace and Brian. They talked to us a lot about how they've been trying to get Shay to join the church for a while haha. Candace was born in the church, but after she married Brian, Brian joined the church. She said she can probably get Shay to join too hahaha. Also, apparently Candace is on the US Track Team, and Brian played defensive tackle for the Buccaneers and Cowboys, and is working out with the 49ers and Falcons right now. You couldn't even tell cuz they barely mentioned it! They're awesome, they were telling us how they just got sealed in the temple a year ago too. We're going to visit Shay sometime this week, I'm excited! It was frustrating trying to find people, but hopefully after the holiday season things will get better. 

Elder Balajadia is really quiet, so it's tough cuz I have to take the initiative most of the time in street contacts. I don't really know how to help get him going. He's been out longer, so idk it's just tough. We'll work it out though. How's break been? 

Love you Mis!


P.S. Pictures in a separate email.

Trevor with his zone (Sent 12/28/15)
Trevor with his zone (Sent 12/28/15)
Trevor with Elder Balajadia (Sent 12/28/15)

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