Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #16

Hey Mis!

Glad you had fun at the wedding. I heard vacation has been rough, but hopefully things will get better for you! It's been low 40s all week.... Could be worse haha. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of vacation though. Also, I can take the daybed. In my room? I'd be fine with that.

My week was frustrating, but busy. I'll start with the good. We met a kid named Chase on the street. He's a senior in high school and is going to join the Marines. He said he's atheist, but he has a bunch of Mormon friends and wants to learn more about the religion. It's cool cuz he has pretty dang good morals, especially for a teenager. Sadly, we met him on his way to his girlfriend's house, and he actually lives in the West mission :/ Hopefully they'll take care of him! We also met with Chris, who almost died because he was shot nine times. He has a cool story. He said he isn't quite sure about organized religion yet, but he said he definitely knows there's a God. We talked to him a bit about the Plan of Salvation, and we're going to talk more with him next time. Also, last night we were really tired. We were way behind schedule, and we had an appointment that was scheduled for 8pm. It was 8:50, so we were tempted to just go home. But we decided to go anyways. 

We met with a guy named Murnur Vircher. SUPER COOL GUY. He grew up in Compton. He had a rough upbringing, and spent some time in jail, but he is one of the nicest guys ever. He was so great to me and Elder Balajadia, and his family was too. We only met a couple of his kids, who are full grown, but they were really awesome too. One of them said, "Mormons are chill, I balled with them when I was in Long Beach." Hahaha. Something about basketball and the gospel! Haha but anyways, we talked to Murnur about the Plan of Salvation and about Christ, and it was awesome. We're supposed to see him tonight too! We helped a less active In a different ward move this morning. They didn't have anything packed, which was frustrating, but it was a good experience to help serve. We had a lot of cancellations and other stuff, which was tough, but hopefully things will get figured out. We'll keep trying. Anthony has been sick lately, so we went over the other day and have him a blessing.

That was my week! I'll send pictures in a separate email. I hope you have a great week!
Love you Mis!


Trevor caroling (Sent 1/4/16)

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