Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #19

Hey Mis!

Glad you had a good week. I forgot it was Grandma and Cheryl's birthdays!! Dang. Glad you had fun though! My week was a struggle. We had a lot of cancellations and things, it was frustrating. I was really stressed on Friday. Balajadia was on an exchange to teach a Filipino family in Tagalog, and so I was leading the area that day. The elder I was on exchange with shot me in the eye with a Nerf gun when I was studying, and so my eye was bothering me the whole day (and it still sort of does right now). Elder Balajadia also decided Thursday night that he would attend ANOTHER baptism in Henderson, so on Friday I got to scramble to find members to hang out with me for four hours on the next day, again. Then Manish kept calling us because he had no food, and the bishop's storehouse was closed until Monday. So, I got to again scramble to find some food for him to last the weekend, while still planning for five lessons that day. I got in touch with the Relief Society, who said they would address his needs and help him fill out paperwork for food assistance, and then the Foremasters and another family donated a lot of canned goods and stuff like that to help out. We were lucky that we found so many people to help out on short notice. A good part of my week though was the missionary broadcast. It was awesome. It really helped me strengthen my understanding of the true purpose of missionary work, and how to help people in the best ways possible and to be the most effective missionary I can be. Also, there was an emergency transfer with the sisters in my district. Sister Kaufusi was put in with Sister Paa for the rest of the transfer. However, neither of them can drive. So, they coordinated rides with their members for the week, and guess who has a car for a week and a half??? WE DO!!! Which is exciting. I drove for the first time in four months yesterday. It was.... eventful. But we didn't crash or die, which is good. We have a lot of lessons lined up this week, so this week should be a lot better. I had a sit-down talk with Balajadia. I explained to him that he needs to focus on Sierra Ranch more, because he still has one foot in Henderson. I told him that I'll help him out to get him to transition. I explained that I'm probably going to leave in a week and a half, and so he would need to have his whole heart and mind in Sierra Ranch to lead the area. He broke down and said he missed Henderson, but he knows he needs to focus more here. It was a good chat, hopefully that will help him regain focus. That was my week! Manish has been doing well. He hasn't smoked for a week, and Anthony hasn't for almost four. The Flipper Bowl activity is Saturday. It's the paper football competition, and the guy running it asked us to be refs hahaha. He has striped shirts and whistles and everything. It'll be great. We have invited a lot of our investigators to that too, hopefully they'll show! Also, Aunt Sherrie sent me a care package through one of her friends here, Jim Fontano. It had a bunch of stuff to make tacos and some personal need stuff too. Tell her I said thank you! Sounds like Asia had fun with Damon. Was it a church dance or a school dance?  I hope you have a great week!

Love you Mis!

We street contacted this kid and he asked us to take a selfie with him. He's awesome haha we're going to visit him and his family Wednesday (Sent 1/25/16)

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