Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #17

Hey Mis! I'm glad you had a fun vacation. The pictures looked like a lot of fun, especially the helicopter. I got the packages! Thank you guys so much! I hope you travelled safely back to Utah. I had a very eventful week. We helped with two moves this week, both were miserable, but on the bright side, they were opportunities to serve. The first was last Monday morning. The lady didn't box anything up, and her house was a mess. She had cats, and let's just say she didn't take care or clean up after them very well..... Then on Thursday, we helped one of the STL's investigators move. She had three dogs, a cat, two parrots, and a snake. Same thing as the other, she didn't box anything up, and the house was a mess. It smelled like dogs too. The move on Monday took two hours, then the move on Thursday took almost 4 hours. It was tough honestly. On the bright side, I did an exchange with Elder Aitchison again! I went to his area, and I loved it. The members in his ward are suuuuper helpful, and he has some really solid investigators. I think we taught 5 or 6 lessons on the exchange, and it was awesome. One of his investigators agreed to be baptized on Feb. 20th! He's a great missionary already, it's always fun working with him. Me and Elder Balajadia taught a guy named Manish Quinnie twice this week. He's SO open and ready. He accepted a baptismal date of Feb. 27, and he's awesome! He came to church yesterday too and he loved it! It was funny because Bro. Vogann met him and talked to him for a while. (Brother Vogann is the goofy guy who has TONS of guns.) Brother Vogann is really good with cars, and Manish had been having car trouble. So, Brother Vogann took us outside during third hour, and we ended up skipping third hour. That's usually not good, but Brother Vogann really helped him out, and it was an awesome way to fellowship him. Manish got to meet a ton of people too. He's a good guy, and he's totally solid. The only problem is that he's a smoker, but that's nothing we can't work through. We also got to teach all three of our recent converts this week! Sis. Melissa Litz is so awesome, she already seems like a lifelong member. We had dinner with Sis. Martha Paredes, and she's doing really well also. Sis. Tawnee Fife is really busy, but we were able to visit her and her family again which was cool. Hopefully Martha and Tawnee can get callings soon! That was my week! I don't have any pictures, sorry :( I hope you have an awesome week!

Love you Mis!

Trev :)

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