Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #18

Hey Mis!

Glad you're enjoying school. That's crazy that everyone is getting married! I love the Becks! That's awesome that they came to visit. I'm excited for Brittany. Which roommate got married? Do I know her? Is Marshall still hanging in there? Have you heard from him lately? That's crazy that Josh is already expecting. Put in a bid for Trevor, would you? Haha. That's awesome the Leiters had their baby! What's her name? Dad told me Chelsea delivered, glad to hear she and the baby are doing well. That's gonna be weird when I go home, because that baby is going to be 20 months old... My week was good. I think Elder Balajadia and I are starting to figure out how to work with each other now. It had been a little difficult because we have different ways, or styles I guess, of doing things. We had the best numbers in our district. Not that numbers are everything, but I was really happy with how the week turned out. We had two investigators come to church! One was Manish, and he's awesome. We're still trying to get him to quit smoking, and we think he can do it! He's still set for Feb. 27th. A guy named Armando also came to church. He's a super humble guy, but he has a really big anxiety issue. He was only able to stay for the first hour, but he enjoyed it, and says he wants to stay for the second hour next week, and the third the week after. He's doing well though! He said he wants to be baptized, but he wants to get his feet planted first. He's a really good guy! We had a mini exchange with the Zone Leaders on Friday. They came to our area, and I went with one ZL, and Balajadia went with the other. I went with Elder Rockwood, and it was awesome. We taught a couple named Stacy and Greg. Greg has a drinking issue, so we've been trying to work with him and support Stacy. They've been studying with the JWs, but when we taught the Restoration, they said that they know it's true. It was awesome, the Spirit was so strong. Elder Rockwood is awesome too. He's prolly one of my favorite missionaries I've met out here. He played basketball at BYU-H, and he's a realllly hard worker. He's an awesome guy. Elder Balajadia and I helped Brother Jackson move on Saturday. He went teaching with us a lot, he's a really good guy. They're moving up to Ogden, Utah, and we got to help them out. They had some really heavy furniture, and the only people that came to help was a member of the Stake presidency and his family, and a couple other of Bro. Jackson's family members. Elder Balajadia and I ended up lifting the heavy stuff like the entertainment center and dressers haha. All those move we did back in the Binghamton ward really helped prepare me for the mission hahaha. That was my week! That's a good idea to help Manish quit. We'll have to do that. He wants to so bad, and he knows the church is true, it's just that one hiccup that's hurting him. The ward has actually been awesome with fellowshipping him in too. He already has like five friends haha. Hope you have a great week!

Love you Mis!

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