Monday, December 7, 2015

Week #12

Hey Mis!

So none of those friend requests are people from Vegas. I didn't see any to accept either. The package was awesome! The ZLs are bringing the mail later, so hopefully I'll have it then. I'm glad you had a good time in NY. As for Christmas, I can't really think of anything else. I'm not too picky, things haven't changed hahaha. Those sound like good gifts for Dad! As for Asia, get her a job! Haha just kidding. Just buy her BYU stuff, try to sway her hahaha. I would do that if I was back in Rexburg. That's crazy that Kendal is getting married. Isn't Josh already married too??? Tell Marshall to wait to get married until I get back. You too haha. This was easily the toughest week of the mission. Elder Wightman and I butted heads a TON. One argument was so bad that I honestly just sat on my bed for like an hour, not saying a word to him. He called President Snow, and so I met with President the next day. I have been missing Mom a lot lately, especially because she loved the holidays so much, and so it's been really difficult recently. He talked to me about it and gave me a blessing. As we were discussing, he gave me some great advice. He talked about the Brother of Jared, and how he asked the Lord for help. The Lord asked him what he wanted him to do, and the Brother of Jared initially didn't know. As you know, he made the sixteen stones and asked the Lord to touch them. He told me that sometimes we go through very difficult things, and we ask the Lord for help. But we have to 1) be willing to work through it and do our part, and 2) be more specific when we ask for help. He invited me to ask Him to help me utilize the Atonement more, that I may be able to access the enabling power to help me through this tough time and to continue the work. He also told me to go to the temple at some point this week and spend some time in the celestial room. I'm planning on going tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it.

This week was also full of disappointment. It started off great. I got to do an exchange with Elder Aitchison! That was a ton of fun, and it was also our most productive day of the week. While we were biking, we saw an older guy and a woman moving furniture into a UHaul. We stopped and offered help, and the guy said "would you still want to help even if I told you we won't concert?" We all laughed about it, and me and Aitch helped. We moved a lot of dressers and bed frames, the fridge, a few TVs, and we broke down their swing set in the backyard and packed it away. We were probably there for an hour. We got to know the people too. Their names were Papa Joe and Renée. They were really nice, and Papa Joe even called us "his angels". He said that us showing up was no accident, and we carried a certain spirit about us that he couldn't figure out. Well duh! Later in the week we met with Szilvia, the Hungarian lady who gave us treats when we knocked on her door. We taught her about the Book of Mormon, and her husband Mark sat in on the lesson. Mark opened up a TON. Before he married Szilvia, he was married, but his wife died of cancer. He said that that took a huge roll on him, but he met some missionaries, and they really helped him out. He said that he's really eager to learn more. We're excited! A bunch of people cancelled on us this week, so that was really tough. We attended a baptism with a couple investigators. Martha was able to go, as well as Anthony. Anthony is scheduled to be baptized on the 12th, and Martha the 19th. However, when we met Anthony outside before the baptism, he had a cigarette in his mouth. It seems like he had been lying to us, so we've got some more work to do. Besides that, Martha and Anthony both really enjoyed the baptism. Hopefully that'll motivate Anthony to give up smoking.

So I also met someone who knows Aunt Sherrie. I forgot his first name, but his last name is Fontano....? I think. He said he knew Sherrie when they were YSA, and that she emailed or texted him when she found out I was in North Las Vegas, where he lived. Why do people out here know me??? So that's my week. I hope you have a good coming week! How are all your boys? Pull through finals! You got this!

Love you Mis!
Trevor with Elder Aitchison (Sent 12/7/15)
Sent 12/7/15

Sent 12/7/15
Sent 12/7/15

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