Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week #11

Hey Mis!

I picked up my package on Tuesday! Thank you SO MUCH! I'm still eating all of that stuff. I'm actually eating some of those veggies as I type this haha. That's cool you came home for Thanksgiving! I see it was interesting.... But hey, nothing can be done now. I guess we're just gonna roll with it.

Sounds like your time in NY has been good though. That's cool that you guys saw dad's cousin from France! If I remember correctly, I think dad told me he's an actuarian or statistician. Pretty cool stuff. Thanksgiving was tough for me, we had a few people yell at us and swear at us when we knocked on their door. Plus I really missed you guys, and Mom too. It was weird not playing football in the morning and chilling with you guys for the whole rest of the day. But hey, one down, one to go!

My week was really good! We met a couple guys named Demarlo and Guy. We talked to them for a little bit, but they didn't want to talk to us, so we challenged them to two-on-two basketball. If we won we got to teach them. We won. Thursday night basketball back home continues to have been a blessing in the mission field haha. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation, and they had TONS of questions. It was pretty cool. Then yesterday, we followed up with them in the afternoon. They told us they were no longer interested. We asked them why, and Demarlo said that his cousin is a pastor and said that there was no proof of the Plan of Salvation in the Bible. We tried to explain it more to them, when out of nowhere this guy came cruising by on a mo-ped. "It's the Mormons!" he said. Then he pointed at us and turned to Demarlo and Guy and said "Listen to these guys! They're telling the truth!" He then told us that last week he was in an accident on his mo-Ped, and he could barely walk because he messed up his back. He said that other missionaries gave him a blessing. "Six days later," he said, "here I am!" He stood up and started dancing. Then he said goodbye and drove off. Then Demarlo and Guy asked a TON of other questions, so we set up another time to meet with them. It was awesome!

We also met the Baldivias family. We actually met them last week, but didn't get to meet until yesterday. They are so cool! There are two parents, five kids, and a grandmother that live with them. We taught about the Plan of Salvation, and they had TONS of questions too. Their oldest son, Alex, is studying with 7th day Christians or whatever they're called, and so he's very quick when it comes to the bible. The cool part was at some point of the lesson, each one of the Baldivias said they've always wondered which church was true. They're in dire need of the Restoration, so we're really excited to teach them that next time! They're SO nice and loving, they already seem like members of the Church haha. We're really excited, we've got some good people to teach.
We also got three investigators to church! That's the most we've had since I've been here. Anthony sat with us, and he's going to be baptized either this Saturday or next. Martha was there, and is supposed to be baptized December 19th. Then Velia came with her member husband, and she's been progressing very well lately. It's been great!

Thanksgiving for me was good, even though I missed you guys a lot. We ate with the Stowells, who are a really cool family that recently moved in. Then the next day we got special permission to eat with the Hendersons. She fed us mac & cheese, stuffing, shepherds pie, greens, yams, duck, chitlins, peach cobbler, meat pie, and sweet potato pie. It was all really good, except for the chitlins. They were nasty. I didn't even know what they were until Saturday. Apparently they're pig guts. Never eating that again!

So at least on Thanksgiving you didn't eat pig guts. Could've been worse! Haha. Me and my comp just watched the Christmas video. It's pretty sweet! As for what I want.... I'm cool. Maybe more music? Maybe some more mission-appropriate Mat Kearney? Or Owl City? Whatever works. People keep trying to steal my CDs here now haha. I'm doing an exchange with my MTC companion tomorrow, the tall British guy. I'm stoked! Anyways, I hope you have a good week! I love you and miss you!

Love you Mis!

Trevor's Zone Leaders (Sent 11/30/15)

Sent 11/30/15

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