Monday, December 21, 2015

Week #14

Hey Dad!

Sorry Saturday was rough for you. I thought about you guys a lot that day. At least Moxie's sounded like it went well for you guys, I'm glad. I heard Bronco was headed out, oh well. I don't think he ever beat Utah, did he? Haha. I attached some stuff in a separate email for my anniversary gift to you.

My week was awesome! First off, I met Elder Balajadia. He's really cool! He's from the Phillipines. Even though me and Wightman butted heads a bit, it was still tough to say goodbye when he got shipped off to Needles. But Balajadia is really cool! He's really quiet, but he's such a spiritual guy, and a powerful teacher. One of the ZLs knows him really well, and he said that he starts off quiet/shy, but he opens up in a week or so. He's awesome though. Most of our investigators are busy till the end of the holidays, so we tried to find a lot more people, and we had a ton of miracles. We met a guy on the street named Chris, who told us about a near-death experience he had that made him believe in God. He was shot nine times (once in his head) while he was outside his house in the street. He said he had a crazy dream, where God asked him what he was doing, because his time wasn't done yet. He was in a coma for like two weeks, but then woke up, and walked and talked fine. It was crazy. We have an appointment to teach him after the holidays.

We also met a part-member family! It's funny because when we knocked on the door, a 20-something year old girl opened the door, and Balajadia got really nervous and stuttered! Hahaha it was really funny. Her name was Ivy, and she's a member of the YSA ward here, but she's the only member in her family. She gave us a TON of snacks. It was awesome haha, and she was super nice too. We're going to see them either this week before Christmas or next.

MIRACLE OF THE WEEK. We received a referral from the West mission for Chereyl and Manish. We tried to contact them throughout the week, but we never met them. We met their daughter, Mishawn, and set up a time to come back Sunday at 4. Then on Sunday after church, Balajadia and I were eating lunch at our apartment when we got a phone call from Brother Drysdale, the executive secretary. He told us that there was someone at the church who wanted to meet us. We quickly biked over, and it was Manish! He wasn't sure which ward he was supposed to go to, so he asked around and found out which one, and which missionaries he's supposed to talk to. We talked to him a little bit, and then we confirmed 4pm. He had a friend that was baptized that day, and that really peaked his interest in the church. When we went to his house with Bro. Jones, we met his family. They are SO prepared. They said they want a good foundation for their kids, and that they wanted to bring their family closer together. They also said that they felt like something was missing at the other churches that they went to, and wanted to figure out what it was. I'M SO EXCITED!!! We're going back to visit them Tuesday morning, it's gonna be awesome!

So we also had two baptisms this week, Martha and Tawnee, and I got to perform Martha's! I also got to confirm them both on Sunday. It was my first time with either of them, so it was really nerve racking, but amazing at the same time. I felt the Spirit so strongly.

So that was my week! I hope you have a great week. As for Christmas, there's nothing in particular I really want. And I placed an order for an extra name tag, and they said it'll take about two weeks for it to come in. So you'll prolly get it in three. I'm sorry I haven't gotten a picture yet, but I hope to this week. As for Skyping, we'll prolly have to do later in the day, because Balajadia's family is wayyy ahead in the time zones in the Phillipines. Would 2pm my time or 5pm your time work?

Love you Dad!
Here's your anniversary present! We had two baptisms on Saturday haha.
Tawnee had a friend, Jacob Horlacher, baptize her (Sent 12/21/15)
Martha had me baptize her, and her boyfriend Jay was there too.
They're both awesome! (Sent 12/21/15)

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