Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #10

Hey Mis!

No worries, glad you made it safely! My week was tough, but it was good. TONS of reschedules and disappointments. But Heavenly Father is still going to help us out if we do what we need to do and keep the faith. The first part of this week sort of sucked. My bike got run over by a car. I wasn't on it, I had just parked it. Someone ran over it, and the front wheel frame was bent, the front brakes were detached, and there was something near the chain that got bent. The ZLs have a member who used to fix bikes for the missionaries as a calling, and apparently he still likes to do it, so they're picking it up today. My bike was still rideable, it was just the chain kept clicking, and the tire kept rubbing up against the farm. The rubbing almost makes a "quack" sound haha. A member laughed at me when we showed up to his house at dinner, and then said I could borrow his bike until it gets fixed. The work continues! Haha.

Church yesterday was pretty awesome. We talked with Martha at church. She has two teenagers, Stefan and Natalie. They have to go to their dad's on the weekends, but we've been trying to get them to go to mutual. They've gone three weeks in a row, and Martha said she's seen a change in Stefan, and actually started to break down. He had been really rude and rebellious to her, but recently he's been opening up to her a lot more. She said that whatever we teach tough is working, and so she wants in. She's already been scheduled to be baptized December 19th (that's a cool day, right?), but now I think she'll be even more motivated and progress faster than she had been in the past. I'm so excited for them! We also introduced Bro. Jackson, a Young Men's leader, to Xavier, one of the kids we met playing basketball. They got along GREAT. Xavier is 15, and Bro. Jackson is over the Teachers Quorum, so it's perfect haha. Xavier wants to read the Book of Mormon, and we're excited!

Sorry I don't have any pictures this week, we were crazy busy, and we haven't really had anything that was super picture worthy.

Do you know Kerry Faughnan? I met him on Sunday. He said the sister missionaries in his ward said that there was a missionary from upstate NY, and so he wanted to meet me. Turns out we're from the same city. I don't remember him much, but he seems pretty nice. He said he's been trying to get his sister to come back to church, but it's been tough. Hopefully her missionaries will help her out!

So that was my week. Also, some members said they found me on Facebook. Let me know who added me. I hope you guys enjoy Thanksgiving! Love and miss you guys!

Trev :D

P.S. I can't remember, did you say you dropped off a Thanksgiving package at my apartment? If so, where?

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