Monday, May 8, 2017

Week #86

Hey Mis!

My week was pretty good. We had a couple lessons this week with the Merrill family. They're doing awesome! The mom and daughter came to church, and they loved it! The dad joined us for a lesson for the first time, which was awesome! He's not quite ready for church yet, but he's doing really well. We also got to do some service for the Merrills. We did some yard work and pulled weeds for them, it was cool to finally do service, cuz 99.99% of the time, people reject our offer for service. 

Jordyn also passed her baptismal interview! We rescheduled her baptism for the 11th so some family could attend, so I'm pretty excited! 

I went on a couple exchanges this week. One with Elder Kensinger, one with Elder Bissett. They were both interesting exchanges. I don't want to put too much negative in my email, but neither exchange was my favorite. It was a good learning experience though. 

This coming week will be good with Jordyn's baptism, and we're also teaching Primary!! Which will be interesting haha.

Love you Mis!

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