Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #54

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a pretty fun date! Who's this dude, hmmmmmmm???? Haha. Sorry for the late email, we have meetings like the whole morning, it sucks.

My week was busy again. We had three exchanges this week. I first was with Elder Ryder in my area. He's one of the district leaders. It was a good exchange, it was pretty productive. We talked a lot about his stewardship and how to best help them. Then I went on exchange with Elder Alvarez. His companion is another one of the district leaders. He's a good guy. He's a little different, but he means well. He's from Ohio, so it was kinda cool working with another person from the east. 

Then, I went on exchange with Elder Green. He's one of the assistants, and he's a really cool guy! I learned a lot from him. We were in our area. And he talked to me a lot about leadership, and how to strengthen my zone. He's from Rexburg, ID, so I got to talk to him about BYU-I a little bit too. We had a funny dinner appointment. We ate dinner with two older sisters in the ward, and one of the sister's son. The table was against the wall on one of the long sides, and they had a chair at each short end, and a bench on the other long side. We asked where we should sit, and they invited us to sit wherever. One lady was sitting in a chair on the end, so Elder Green sat down on the piano bench. I was about to sit next to him, but then the other lady sat next to him. He was in between the two ladies. It was even funnier, because the bench was a piano bench, so it was super small. He was soooooo uncomfortable, it was pretty funny. I comfortably sat in the other chair at the end of the table, and smiled at Elder Green. He looked at me as if to say "I'm stuck!". Hahahaha it was pretty funny. 

We had some cool teaching appointments on the exchange though! Karen, TJ's grandma (TJ just got baptized), met with us that night. She had brought up the concern about her smoking for 40+ years, and how she really wanted to get baptized, but didn't think she could quit. We taught the Plan of Salvation again with them, and we focused a lot on the Atonement. It was SUPER spiritual. She realized she had received her answer, and that she can do it. Next time we visit her, we want to set up a plan to help her quit. She's super humble, so we're excited!

Elder Gonzalez and I had to handle a lot of disobedience again this week. It's frustrating, because it affects all aspects of the work. We've had a lot of meetings this week too. Elder Gonzalez and I have been struggling a little bit too. We haven't seen eye to eye lately, so it's been tough trying to work together. Hopefully we'll figure it out though, it's definitely a good learning experience!

Sorry the email is short, we still have errands to run and my time is limited. But I hope you're doing well!
Love you Mis!


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