Monday, September 5, 2016

Week #51

Hey Mis!

So a Coldplay concert definitely doesn't classify as a boring week haha. And yeah, I got to call Dad! I wasn't too thrilled about the reason why, but I wasn't going to turn down a free phone call home! I'm sorry I wasn't allowed to call you, I wish you were home for it! 

It was an interesting week! We got to see the Grenwalt family again! When I say we, I mean Elder Rigby. The last time we were at the Grenwalts, they asked what my favorite food was. I told them it was fettuccine alfredo. They were like "okay, we're making that for dinner next week!" I was super pumped. But, as luck would have it, we ended up organizing splits that day, and I went to the other appointment and missed out on it -_- But, they sent some home with Elder Rigby, so I still got to have some!! Haha. But Elder Rigby had a really cool lesson with them, and they talked about doing a baby blessing for their 18 month old, Kyler. So we did it on Sunday! It was awesome. It was pretty funny because when we were holding him during the blessing, he kept screaming and wailing the whole time, and right when the person giving the blessing said "amen", he stopped, and we handed him back to Josh haha. He was quiet the rest of sacrament hahaha.

We had a lesson with the Brinkerhoff/Morales family on Saturday. The kids that we were teaching, Jiovanny and Julysses, had been begging to be baptized for the longest time, so it's been fun teaching them! We received transfer calls that day, and when they found out I was leaving, they were super sad! And so was their dad, Cody Brinkerhoff haha. We said goodbye after the lesson, and Elder Rigby and I started to drive to our next appointment. Then we get a phone call from Cody Brinkerhoff. We answered, and he was like "Elders! We want to do the baptism tomorrow! We've waited too long!" We had taught them everything, but they had never gotten around to picking a specific date. We immediately contacted our ward mission leader and the zone leaders. Miraculously in less than 24 hours, we got the interview, organized the baptism, and invited the ward to come attend, and the outcome was AWESOME!! The building was PACKED with people, it was pretty sweet. And there was an awesome Spirit there too! Jiovanny and Julysses had a great time, and they were super happy to get baptized. I sort of felt like I was in a South American mission, with people getting baptized the next day haha. It was definitely stressful getting everything organized, but it was fun!

Elder Rigby and I also had a funny experience this week. Hunter De Leon, who is serving a mission soon, spent the evening going around with us. At the end of the night, we stopped at McDonalds to get some food. We pull up to the first window, and I hand Rigby a Restoration pamphlet. After we get our change, we gave the cashier the pamphlet, and we drove to the next window. As we're driving to the next window, I'm looking around the back seat, trying to find another Restoration pamphlet. "What's the hold up?" Rigby asked. "I can't find a Restoration pamphlet!" I said, "I only have Chastity left." Rigby and Hunter looked back at me with grins. "Can we???? Please?????" Rigby said. I looked at Rigby, then down at the Chastity pamphlet. "Pleaseeeeee????" So, I gave it to him. We got our food, and Rigby handed the worker the Chastity pamphlet. "Have a nice night!" Rigby said, and he drove away. We all died laughing. There are many ways we can share the gospel! Haha.

As you know, I'm getting transferred to Paradise/East. It'll be fun because I've never been on that side of Vegas, so it'll be interesting! My new companion will be Elder Gonzalez. I don't know him very well, but I heard he's a really good guy! So it should be fun. There was also a mid-12 week meeting in Vegas which was cool. It was fun to see everyone else who is training.

That was my week! I hope you have a fun week! Try to stay focused at work, even though you've got some distractions :P haha.

Love you Mis!
Mid 12-week (Sent 9/5/16)
Eloy De Leon Jr., Rigby, Kyler, Josh Grenwalt, and me after the baby blessing (Sent 9/5/16)
Rigby, Julysses, Jiovanny, and me (Sent 9/5/16)
Bro. Johnson- he came out teaching a lot! (Sent 9/5/16)

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