Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #53

Hey Mis!

Holy cow! Sounds like a busy week. I'm glad you a had a good bday! How's the old crew doing? That's cool that you got to see Kendal, Joanna, and all them! How are they doing?

I had a BUSY week. We did a couple exchanges this week. I went with a district leader named Elder Pitcher. He's from Canada (eh?). It was cool, cuz I found out that when he was serving in Canada for a little bit waiting for his visa, he served in the same district as a friend of mine from BYU-I! Which was crazy. It was a fun exchange! I also did an exchange with Elder Loutzenhiser. He's a good guy from Idaho. We were biking home at night, when we saw a gray car pull to the side of the road, and a guy frantically jumped out and ran to the side of the car. As we pulled up on her bikes, he was freaking out, yelling and screaming. We asked what was going on, and he said he just got a flat tire driving his mom's car. We helped him move his car to a safer place, and we looked through his car to find the tools. He had a spare and a jack, but no socket wrench or crowbar. So, he called his brother. After about a half hour his brother came with a crowbar, only to find that it was too small. So, his brother went to Walmart to pick up a new one. After a little less than an hour, his brother came back, and we helped replace the tire. During the time that we were waiting for his brother, we started talking with him. His name was Rudy, and he was home visiting from college in Arizona. He played football at college, and came back just for the weekend. It was cool because as we were talking to him, he opened up a lot about his beliefs. He said that he had a lot of Mormon friends in high school, and that a lot of them were on missions. It was cool that he opened up so much! While we were waiting, we asked him how long ago the tire had blown out before we showed up. He said about five seconds. It was pretty awesome!! We waited with him the whole time he was waiting for his brother, and so we had a really good talk with him. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he drove off. It was cool to see how we were at the right place and the right time, and we definitely planted a seed!!

We also had two baptisms this week on Saturday! TJ, a 9 year old boy, was his first in his family to get baptized. His mom and grandma are going to be baptized in a few weeks, so that'll be super cool! A 13 year old boy named Ka'vontay also got baptized! He's a funny kid. His grandma got baptized a few months ago, and he finally decided to get baptized too! It was super cool.

The rest of the week was super busy. There was a BUNCH of disobedience this week that we had to resolve too, so that wasn't fun. It was overall a pretty productive week though!

That was my week! I hope things go well this week. Happy belated! We had two baptisms on your bday, so there ya go haha.

Love ya Mis!

Sent 9/19/16
Sent 9/19/16

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