Monday, April 4, 2016

Week #29

Hey Mis!

Conference was awesome. Bednar was my favorite talk, but Uchtdorf was awesome too, like always. I saw one of my efy counselors in the choir during the priesthood session! It was pretty sweet. Sounds like you had a good week! We had a baptism, I'll tell you more about it later in the email. I'm jealous Asia is in Hawaii too. It's ridiculous. Haha but I'm happy for her.

I definitely learned a lot this week. We really had to grind, it was sort of a struggle. We didn't get to teach as much as usual. On the brightside, we had another baptism!! Raymond Canales was baptized Tuesday. He showed up in an all-white suit, and he looked like a STUD. It was pretty awesome. He's 9 years old. His mom is a member, but his dad isn't. For a long while his dad didn't want him to get baptized, but eventually he gave permission, and even attended the baptism! AND he teared up during it. It was awesome!! What was also cool was that we are teaching Aurora Garza's 9 year old daughter, Zeydi, and she's been afraid to get baptized. We invited her to Raymond's baptism. She LOVED it, and said she wants to get baptized. We're helping her get ready for the 16th. We're excited!!

Wednesday was a tough day. We had one our investigators drop us, which was frustrating, but it just means he's not ready. He's a 15 year old guy, and we think he's just a little hesitant, so we're going to give him a little more time. As difficult as Wednesday was, Thursday had a lot of miracles. First, we had lost touch with Charlie because his girlfriend was in town, and Tommy got a new job and had been working a ton. But on Thursday we knocked on his door because we were in his complex, and he was there! We had a really good discussion with him there. He's probably not getting baptized here, because he moves to California at the end of the month, but it doesn't matter. We're preparing him for other missionaries. He had a lot of questions, and we were able to answer them, and it was a really neat discussion. Later that day we visited a former investigator named John, who had lost a family member recently. We knocked on his door, and he answered and invited us in. We talked to him for a good 40 minutes, and I shared the similar experience that our family had. He's out of town for the month of April for work, but he invited us back, and we exchanged contact info.

On Friday we got to meet with Nina to help her get ready for her baptism the 9th. We're really excited for her, and she is too! We've actually had people ask us when we're teaching her again, because THEY are asking US to go teaching. It's been a neat experience seeing how much this area has changed. Friday evening, we had dinner at Nancy's. Since she's a single lady, we had to bring a member, so we brought Bro. Wardle. When we showed up, Nancy asked us to help finish cooking. In case you didn't know, Nancy is 81 years old, and she has a reallllllllly difficult time seeing and remembering things. She had cooked pot roast AND pork roast in the same pot, and had cooked some chicken too. As we were cutting the meat, the pot roast was still bloody, so we were afraid what condition the pork was in. She had steamed some broccoli and carrots as well. The carrots still had the skin on them, but the broccoli didn't look too bad. She also had thrown together a salad, and had five or six dressings on the table.

All but one dressing expired in either 2014 or 2015. Finally, she made dessert with peaches and cottage cheese. As we sat down to eat, Elder Moen didn't have a fork. So, he stole mine. He took one look at it and put it back at my plate. He chuckled and told me to look at my fork. I looked, and it had some old food on it. I looked at it for a moment, deciding what to do. When Nancy turned around, I "dropped" my fork on the ground. I acted embarrassed and insisted Nancy that I go and wash it. She agreed, so I got up and washed it. I came back to my plate, only to find my knife was in the same condition. So I did the same thing again. "I'm sorry Nancy, I'm such a klutz! Let me get that." I said. "Oh it's fine darling, it happens!" she said. Bro. Wardle and Moen were trying so hard to not laugh as I cleaned my knife off. Needless to say, it was an interesting experience. The chicken was actually pretty good, so was the broccoli. The peaches and cottage cheese was pretty good except the peaches had bits of the pit still left in them. But I live to tell the tale.

That was my week! How's Marshall and the squad doing? What about Borgia? Have a great week!

Love ya Mis!

Trev :)
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