Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #31

Hey Mis!

Sounds like an awesome week! Mat Kearney came to BYU??? That's awesome!! That sounds like a fun date too. Is he still a potential investigator? Or is he progressing? Hahaha. That's cool that you're taking the job at the MTC! Sounds like a fun time. Those are a lot of goals! That's awesome. They sound like good goals! I highly recommend independent study. It was a super easy program to use, and the course wasn't terrible. I highly recommend it. I had a really good week! There was zone conference this week. We met with the Anthem/Warm Springs and Eldorado/Lake Mead zones as well. It was really fun!i got to see my trainer, and his trainer as well. We got a picture of our "posterity" haha. I learned a lot from President Snow, and pretty much all the trainings. They really hounded obedience, which is what I think we needed. I went on an exchange with one of the ZLs, Elder Wasden, this week too. It was really fun, and I learned a lot from him! Plus he played baseball growing up, and brought his glove, so we played catch in the morning. I also did an exchange with Elder Glunt. It was an awesome exchange! We found SEVEN new people to teach in ONE DAY. It was awesome! It wasn't like a big family, it was just a lot of people, and it was fun! They have a fun area. We had some really good lessons this week too! Kim Nester and her fiancé, Donovan, are getting married July 17th, and she's getting baptized July 30th! We're really excited. We also found a family of three recently, and we taught them again. There's two younger kids, so we taught the Plan of Salvation with little cut-outs, and it was fun! The kids loved it!

We also found a couple named James and Hannah McDonnell. James is from upstate NY!! He's from Poughkeepsie. He said that he dated a girl from Binghamton, who went to Seton haha. He graduated four years before me, but it was fun seeing someone from upstate! They're Catholic, but they wanted to learn more about the Church. We talked to them for probably two hours, because they had TONS of questions!! We covered both the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation in one visit, that's how long it was. But it was awesome!! We had a really good discussion with them. We also got a self-referral named Chumani while I was on exchange, and Moen said they had a really good lesson with her! This area has a TON of work, and I love it. Our recent converts are doing really well too. Rob Dietz has a calling as a ward missionary now, and he comes with us all the time! Nina Moxley is doing super well too, she's getting a calling soon. And Nancy, is Nancy haha. We're helping her get ready for the temple now. We have a baptism in  Shadow Canyon this coming Saturday too, which we're excited about. I love the mission! That was my week! I hope you have a great one!

Love you Mis!

Trev :D

(Oh we saw this too, we thought it was pretty funny (Sent 4/18/16)
Wightman (Dad), Summers (Grandpa), me, Wagner (Uncle), Alvarez (random guy who popped in the picture) Sent 4/18/16

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