Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #21

Hey Mis!

I'm glad you had a good week. It's good to stay busy. I'm glad you guys saw the commercial haha. Our ward gave us trophies for having the best commercial. This week was CRAZY. I met Elder Moen on Tuesday. He's from St. Louis. He's a good guy. He has a different personality, but he works hard. His last companion was realllllly lazy, so he had a difficult time last transfer. The area is nice. The members are AWESOME, and they're missionary-minded, but the work is tough. There are tons of gated communities. There's even a gated community INSIDE of a gated community. That's where Gladys Knight lives. It's also difficult adjusting to two wards. There's more work in Castle Ridge, but Shadow Canyon has some potential too. It's definitely tough because we have to split our time and we can't focus on just one ward. Also, our wards meet at the SAME TIME in DIFFERENT BUILDINGS, so we have to go on splits for church. So I went to Castle Ridge with the ward mission leader there. It was super weird, but it's a really awesome ward! The bishop is super cool too. We didn't really have any appointments this week. There's only like seven investigators combined in this area, so it should be an interesting challenge. I met a family that almost moved to Binghamton in 2014! The dad's name is Micah Nielson, and I forgot the wife's name. He's a radiologist, and he almost took the job at Binghamton General before someone offered a job here in Las Vegas. They're an awesome family. His dad was actually mission president in Korea around the same time Dad was there! I can't remember which mission though. Our district is pretty cool. We have three companionships, one of sisters. I'm district monkey (District Leader's companion), and it's awesome. We had Zone Training Conference on Saturday. Our zone seems pretty cool. Elder Robinson from my MTC district is in my zone! He's awesome. I don't know the ZLs very well, but hopefully they're cool. That's pretty much my week. I'll send you pictures in another email. Have a great week!

Love you Mis!

Trevor with his new companion, Elder Moen (Sent 2/8/16)
ZTC in Green Valley, Trev's new zone (Sent 2/8/16)
Kadin Warner, bishop's son. He's a really cool kid. (Sent 2/8/16) 
With Kadin Warner (Sent 2/8/16)
Warner family (Sent 2/8/16)
Becky and Wade Spendlove; awesome couple who would go teaching with us (Sent 2/8/16)
The Grahams; an awesome family (Sent 2/8/16)

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