Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #23

Hey Mis! 

I'm glad you had fun in NY. That's a bummer you had a bunch of midterms, but at least they're over! That's funny all your friends are getting married, at least Marshall is holding out! Tell that bum to email me haha. That's cool that you switched to Poli Sci! What're you planning on doing with that? I am pretty jealous you guys are going to spring training without me... AGAIN.... But I hope you guys have a great time on those trips! They sang Lord I Would Follow Thee in church a couple weeks ago too, I always liked that song. I forgot I used to nudge you about that hahaha. 

I had the COOLEST experience this week. Elder Moen and I knocked on a door looking for a potential investigator named Johnny. These two guys answered the door. One was a black guy wearing a wife-beater with an Afro and beard, and the other was a tall skinny white guy, with some tats and wavy hair pulled back by a sweatband. Before we could say anything, the white guy said "Elders! Looking for Johnny?" We were surprised, but told him we were. He told us he wasn't there, but that we could come in. As we walked in and sat down, he asked if Johnny was a potential investigator or an investigator. We thought "great, this guy thinks he knows it all". We told him he was a potential. We started to talk to them, and they turned out to be pretty cool guys. They're best friends named Tommy and Charlie. We found out the white guy's name was Tommy, and the black guy's name was Charlie. Tommy knew a lot about missionary work, and so we asked him if he was a member. He smiled and said that he is. We were shocked! It turns out Tommy served a mission in Anchorage Alaska from 2011-13, and then got married shortly after. He then told us that his wife then got an annulment shortly after, and he came down on some really tough times, and made some poor decisions. He and Charlie just recently moved to Vegas three weeks ago with Charlie's family. 

Since they had moved in to that apartment, we had stopped by like twice a week looking for Johnny. I guess Tommy has been teaching Charlie the gospel when they were kids, so the last time we stopped by, Tommy had told Charlie to let us in the next time. So he did! As we were talking to them, Charlie stood up and walked over and looked closely at Elder Moen's tie. Tommy looked at it too, and he was like "is that Egyptian print?!?!" Moen said it was. Charlie was like "NO WAY!" and showed us their kitchen. It was covered with Egyptian stuff! Charlie is obsessed with Egypt. Then as we talked to them more, I asked if Tommy new a girl that I knew served in Anchorage. It turns out he knows her really well! There was wayyy too many coincidences, it was awesome! We've been teaching Charlie every day now. Charlie agreed to be baptized, but he doesn't know exactly when. They're so cool though! It was almost like we knew them before we met them, with the Egyptian tie and mutual friends and stuff. It was crazy! That was pretty much the highlight of my week. I was sick a little bit Saturday morning, prolly from food poisoning, but I'm doing a lot better now. Some members really took care of me, which was awesome. I miss you! I hope you have a great week!

Love you Mis!


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