Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week #22

Hey Mis!

I'm glad you had a fun week. Hopefully she'll grow out of whatever funk she's in. It sounds like from what you and Dad told me he really enjoyed his birthday. I'm glad. I got the package too! Thank you so much! We used the Valentines to street contact random people haha. It actually worked really well, so thanks!

I had an awesome week. Elder Moen is awesome. He's got a sort of dry personality, but he's got a great blue-collar work ethic. This area is about to explode. The members here are AWESOME. The members were saying that there were some really crap missionaries in this area before, so they didn't really want to help. But Elder Moen and I have really seen it get rolling now, and I'm super excited. We had five times the amount of member present lessons this past week then they had any week the past few months. And most of them were unplanned lessons. Like we just showed up to investigators doors and they invited us to teach them. Both wards have great ward mission leaders and awesome ward missionaries. Members make a HUGE difference.

Honestly my last area we struggled getting members out at first, but we love it when they are able to come out. We met some awesome people this week too. We taught one lady named Sharifa. She's AWESOME. She has five kids, from nine years old to toddler age. They're a lot of fun! We also had four people at church!!! We're teaching a lady named Nancy who is getting baptized next month. She's hilarious. She says "in the blood of Jesus" at the end of every sentence haha. She's been coming to church more often than some members in our ward haha. Another lady named Debry came to church for the first time yesterday! It was awesome. She really enjoyed it too. We had some people introduce some of their friends at church to us too! I'm friggin excited.

We visited this lady named Anita too. She's less active, and she has a slot machine hahaha. I'll send a video of my inner-Mandarino in a separate email haha. Also, we went to Five Guys this past week, and all of a sudden a member stood up when we walked in and paid for our meal. AND he used to live in NY. He lived in Syracuse in the 70s and 80s. Crazy right??? I forgot his name, but he said he dated some girls from Binghamton too hahaha.

That was my week! I love and miss you guys! Travel safely to Utah!

Love you Mis!

This is the link for the missions FB page if you want to check it out: 

Channeling my inner Mandarino

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