Monday, February 20, 2017

Week #75

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a pretty fun week with all the dates and stuff going on! Bummer about the car, but hey, at least you have a car while you're at school! I didn't have one haha. 🚢🏻

My week was busy. We had a lot of cool people drop us. One said that they weren't "very religious" and blew off a church tour, another handed us back the Book of Mormon we gave her and refused to read it or pray about it, and another one complained about how upside down her life is right now, because her neighbors sell drugs in front of her house, and the cops think she does it, and everyone knows it so she can't find a job, so she blamed the fact that she was meeting with us. It made zero sense to me too, but hey, I guess she's not ready. On the bright side though, Elder Ramirez and I got to give baptismal interviews to a part-member family in Parker. Well, it's not a part-member family anymore! They got baptized this week, which was cool. They were the first baptisms this zone has had all transfer, so it was refreshing haha. There was another baptism in Kingman last week too, which was cool too! 

I went on exchange with Elder Latu this week in our area. He's a cool guy! He's originally from New Zealand, but came out from Salt Lake. He's a convert, and he's been out about 5 months. He's a super hard worker, I enjoyed the exchange! We had some pretty cool lessons this week. Troy is all set to be baptized this Saturday! We're excited! And Priscilla should be getting baptized the following week. She's excited too! 

This weekend was stake conference. It was cool because some people came up from Parker that I knew, so I got to see them! Elder K. Mark Frost of the seventy and his wife attended. It was neat, because before the 10 am session on Sunday, they had a meeting for recent converts and investigators to sit down and talk with Elder and Sister Frost, as well as President and Sister Snow. We brought Troy, and the Kershaws came too! As well as some recent converts. It was pretty cool, Troy really enjoyed it. We also had a pretty cool lesson with a guy named Anthony. He's pretty cool. He's in his 20s, and he takes care of his mom, who's older and pretty sick. We taught him the Restoration, and it was pretty cool, cuz his mom came out of e bedroom and joined the last part of the lesson. They said that they weren't ready to commit to be baptized but that they would continue to read and pray about it. We're seeing them tonight, so it'll be fun to see how it goes! 

Also, we received transfer calls, and both Elder Ramirez and I are staying. And so are the two STLs we work with. I thought since our zone is struggling I would get the boot, but I guess not. It'll be interesting to see how this transfer goes!

That was pretty much my week! Have a great week!

Love you Mis!


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