Monday, February 13, 2017

Week #74

Hey Mis!

So true about Valentine's Day. Haha. Sounds like a pretty fun week besides the school work! Brian sounds pretty cool. That's cool that he invited you to dinner on Valentine's Day! Sounds fun. Dad said he enjoyed his birthday. I sent him a card, I hope he enjoyed it. It was a birthday card with some confetti in it. Except the confetti was 47 pictures of my face. Haha. 

Our week was pretty good. I did two exchanges back to back again. The first was with Elder Stucki in Bullhead City. He's a good dude. He was MTC companions with Elder Rigby, the missionary I trained, so we told each other some good Elder Rigby stories haha. Elder Stucki is from Yakima, Washington. It was a fun exchange. We found some people for them to teach, since they had been struggling a little bit with that lately. 

After that, I went down to Parker again! This time I was with Elder Owens. He's been out about 7 months, he's from Georgia. He's a good guy too. We had a cool lesson with a part-member family down there, and the nonmembers in the family accepted a Baptismal date! So that was cool. I was also there for a correlation meeting with their ward mission leader again, it was interesting. The bishop had been talking with the elders about postponing a baptism because he felt that the investigators weren't ready, so the elders in Parker asked one of us to come down and talk with their ward. So, Elder Owens and I talked with the ward mission leader about it. Luckily, before Elder Owens and I had our exchange, the Bishop changed his mind to allow the baptism. So that was cool! My life got easier haha. Elder Owens and I also found a family of three! So that was pretty cool too. 

As for our area, we had six investigators come to church this Sunday! That was awesome. We've focused a lot on part member families in both wards, and we've seen some sweet miracles! Two part-member families, the Kershaws and Rails, were both at church in Crossman Peak, as well as Troy, who is getting baptized on the 25th. In Acoma, Sister Koon and her daughter, Priscilla, came to church! As well as Michele and her daughter Tiffany, who are neighbors with our ward mission leader. It's been pretty cool to see miracles like that! 

That was pretty much my week! I hope you have an awesome week!

Love you Mis!


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