Monday, February 27, 2017

Week #76

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a fun week! That's super cool that BYU beat Gonzaga. Dad told me they beat them on their senior night too. How awkward. Haha. 

The new companionships in the zone kinda started off slow, but hopefully it'll improve. A guy from my MTC district, Elder Williams, is in my zone, so it'll be cool to work with him! 

My week was pretty good. We had a lot of meetings though. Tuesday was transfers, and even though neither Ramirez nor myself got transferred, we were responsible for getting everyone there at the right time and helping out with it. Then after transfers, we met with all the district leaders and the sister trainers and discussed our zone vision, expectations for district leaders, and all that fun stuff. All four of our district leaders have been out seven months or less, so it'll be interesting to build all of them up! But I'm looking forward to it! 

This week we were supposed to have Troy's baptism, but unfortunately, his aunt in Vegas passed away. So, his mom and grandma attended the funeral instead of finishing off the move, so we had to postpone Troy's baptism by 2 weeks. So that was a bummer. BUT, on the bright side, we got to dump out Troy's alcohol! It was pretty fun, I'll send a video in a separate email. 

Also, a couple weeks ago, Ramirez and I were walking and we saw four Mexican guys that were drunk out in the front yard. Ramirez is a native Spanish speaker, so he thought it would be fun to talk with them. It turns out that one of the guys is actually super cool. I don't know any Spanish at all, but I can pick up maybe 1 out of 20 words haha. We gave them all Spanish BoMs, and then we came back a couple days later, which was this last Wednesday. They were in the exact same spot, doing the exact same thing when we came back again. Ramirez was teaching them the Restoration in Spanish, and he got to the part where he was talking about Moroni's promise. Then one of the guys, Gilberto, asked "quien es Nefi?" (Who is Nephi?). Both Ramirez and I got super excited haha. Ramirez looked at me to see if I understood, and I looked at him and smiled. Then he continued to teach them. After the lesson, Ramirez told me how Gilberto had been reading the Book of Mormon, and that Gilberto had told him that he wants to change his life. It was suuuuuper cool. When we had first approached that group, we weren't expecting that much, but it was cool to find someone who actually had the desire to change! Pretty cool miracle. We're seeing all of them, particularly Gilberto, again this week. 

That was my week! Thanks for the advice from Davin, tell him I said thanks. I'm getting close to the 6 left mark haha, so I'm just trying to plan ahead! Have a great week!

Love ya Mis!

Sent 2/27/17

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