Monday, July 4, 2016

Week #42

Hey Mis! Sounds like a super fun week! That sounds like a really fun reception! I think Jenn Blosil is on one of my efy CDs haha.

We made a lot of progress this week, both in the area, and in our companionship. One of our people with a baptismal date, Randi, came to church and has almost quit smoking! She's soooo close, and she loved coming to church. We met with a guy named Larry again. We met with him last week, and he had brought up a concern that he had a weird dream. He said in his dream he was praying, and that he was surrounded by darkness. Then, he saw a dim glow in front of him, which slowly started to get brighter. Then he woke up. He was super confused. So, Elder Peterson and I shared 1 Nephi 8 with him his week about Lehi's dream, and it was really cool how much he got into it. He invited his wife, Dominique, to join too, which was cool because she wasn't super big in joining the lessons. But she soaked it up like a sponge too. We're going to see them again his week. 

We also got to see a lady named Renée Fisher. She lives with her grandparents, who she had been taking care of because they are both ill. We stopped by this week, and she told us that her grandmother passed the week before. She also said that she lost her mom, dad, and now grandmother within the last five years. We had a member with us who bore a powerful testimony about eternal families, and I explained to Renée how the Plan of Salvation has blessed our family. It was neat because she was saying that she feels a special spirit and happiness when she talks with us, and that's why she keeps inviting us back. It was super cool. We've been teaching her brother, Lewis, as well, and he's pretty cool too! We also had Zone Conference this week. It was neat to see President and Sister Snow, and I learned a lot from it! Since it was a two hour drive from our trailer to Zone Conference, the ZLs invited us to stay the night before at their apartment. I got to know them super well, and they're really cool! 

We met with Bishop Nelson yesterday. He's a reallllly good guy. He sat us down and talked to us about how the work is going. He said that he's seen more work going on in the last three weeks than he has in the last three years, and he's very excited about it. It's tougher trying to get members out here in Parker, because the ward is small and the boundaries are so big. But, it's not impossible. They called a few more ward missionaries to help out, so I'm excited that things are turning around here! Bishop has helped Elder Peterson out a lot too, and he had said that Elder Peterson has come a long way since he first got transferred here. He's changing for the better, which is good! And he's keeping me more humble too haha. He's not afraid to mention something when I mess up, which is good haha. Like I mentioned earlier, Randi is almost ready to be baptized, and Ronnie Thomas is close too! He's the one with the annoying pastor, but he's going to talk to her about finding a new usher for their church haha. So we'll see!

This week should be a busy week. There's an extended-mission leadership conference this week back in Vegas, so we have to leave Parker by 5:00am🔫 The ZLs are gonna pick me up, so Elder Peterson will be on splits pretty much he whole day. We have a lot of appointments his week too, so it should be a busy but fun week!

As for my birthday, we're going to Lake Havasu as a zone, so that'll be fun! I've been thinking a lot about mom this morning, and how excited she would get for my birthday. More excited than me lol. I remember how bad she felt those years we either took you down to or picked you up from efy on my birthday hahaha. Good times. I hope you have a good holiday! Have a great week!

Love you Mis!


Zone Conference (Sent 7/4/16)
The bow tie Grandma sent me for my b-day (Sent 7/4/16)
The bow tie Grandma sent me for my b-day (Sent 7/4/16)

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