Monday, July 18, 2016

Week #44

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a fun but long week! That's cool that Tyler was down there. Are you guys doing anything for Asia's bday? We had an interesting week. We had a great lesson with Randi, one of our investigators, on Saturday. She hasn't come to church lately, so we had to be a little bold and tough with her when inviting her to church. She committed to go. So on Sunday morning, a member volunteered to give her a ride. We went with the member to go pick her up, and we knocked on her door to find her in her PJs. She said she wasn't feeling well and didn't want to go. This had been the third or fourth week she had said that. So, we dropped her on the spot. It's frustrating that she isn't progressing, but even more frustrating when it's up to her, and she chooses not to. She texted us later and told us to come back, but we didn't. Sometimes, the best help we can give is to let people go. It's tough, but sometimes it's necessary. 

On the bright side, we had some pretty sweet miracles too! I got to do an exchange with Elder Demetropoulos this week in my district. He's from Hawaii, and he's been out for about seven months. It's funny cuz he's a body builder, but he skips leg day hahaha. He's pretty big on top, but he's got skinny legs. A lot of people tease him about it, but he's a really awesome guy. They had some cool people that they were teaching, their area is doing really well. We got to give a blessing on exchanges, and I was really impressed with him because he's sort of a goof, but he buckled down really well and gave a great blessing. It was pretty neat. For our area, we're still in the process of rebuilding. We dropped a lot of people this week, but at the same time, we found new people too! We've been teaching a guy named Daniel Holt, and he's doing really well. He wasn't really big into religion or God, but he's been getting really into the Book of Mormon! After his lesson, we left his house, and a guy was walking towards his door. As we were passing by him, we stopped to talk with him. His name was Jacob, and he was a really good dude. He's Daniel's brother, and he just got off of his shift at work. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon, and he was really interested by it! So we're teaching him when we go visit Daniel again tomorrow. We also reconnected with the Diaz family. They had been out of town for a while, but they just got back in town. We read the Book of Mormon with them since they had been struggling to read. We read with them Lehi's dream, and they loved it! They're a lot of fun. 

That was pretty much my week. Peterson and I are struggling right now honestly. He's sort of checked out cuz he thinks he's getting transferred next week. It's been an interesting transfer. I've learned a lot though, definitely helped with patience and humility. How's the ward doing? I heard there's a new bishop. How are the missionaries? Anything happen in the ward's mission efforts? Have a great week!

Love ya Mis!


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