Monday, July 11, 2016

Week #43

Hey Mis!

I actually have not gotten the package yet :/ idk if you sent it to the mission home or my trailer. If it got sent to the mission home, it takes a little longer to get out here to Parker. But thank you so much in advance!! My week has been very eventful. We're teaching a lady named Randi. She's supposed to get baptized next week, but before she does she needed to quit smoking this week and come to all three hours of church. We've been working with her for a while now, and this week, she gave us her last cigarette pack and said that she was "done" with smoking!!! Elder Peterson and I celebrated by making a video, which I'll send in a separate email. It was frustrating though, because we called her Sunday morning to come to church, and she said she wasn't feeling well and she wouldn't be able to make it. :(

It was really disappointing, so we're going to push her date back. We're going to give her a few days to rethink some things and clear her head. She's suuuuuper close though. We were also teaching a guy named Ronnie Thomas. He's a really good guy, and loved talking to us, but his pastor found out and got involved which I mentioned in an email a few weeks ago. Well, his pastor decided to pull a Satan and take away Ronnie's agency, so Ronnie called us and said that he didn't want to meet with us anymore because he didn't want to disappoint his pastor. So, we stopped by his house and talked with him. He said that his pastor talked him out of it, which was really sad. If he had told us on his own it would've been one thing, but the fact that the pastor was choosing for him was what got us mad. It happens though. 

On Wednesday they had an extended-Mission Leadership Council in Vegas, so the ZLs picked me up and we drove to the meeting. It was fun because we drove right through my old area in Green Valley, so I saw some familiar places haha, it was fun. It was a really good meeting too. All the ZLs and STLs were there, and hey invited all the DLs for the meeting. It was really cool to see how the mission is run from that perspective, I learned a lot! I also got to see my trainer, Elder Wightman. He's a ZL so it was cool to get to see him! I also got to see Elder Williams and Robinson, from my MTC district!!! They're both DLs, so I got to see them. The meeting was super cool, they emphasized a lot of obedience haha. 

Sooooo Sunday was interesting. We had just finished comp study, and I went to the bathroom right before we left our trailer for church. As I was leaving the bathroom, I turned the knob and heard a "ping" sound. I tried to turn the knob, but it wasn't doing anything. I wiggled the knob, and it still didn't do anything. I was trapped. I yelled for Peterson, and he came over and tried to pick the lock. No dice. He got a screwdriver and took the knob off. The bolt that opens and closes the door was stuck, and we couldn't open the door. So, Peterson had to break it down. I was in there for about a half hour before he broke the door down, and we barely made it to church on time. First our trailer had a bunch of bugs, now the doorknobs are locking me in. I'm never living in a trailer after the mission haha. That was pretty much my week haha. It was a slower week with our investigators, so we're going to focus a lot on finding people to teach this week. Any fun plans this week? 

Have a great week!
Love you Mis!

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