Monday, July 25, 2016

Week #45

Hey Mis!

Sounds like good week with all the birthdays. Mom's bday was tough for me, but a PMF in my last area got baptized that day, which was cool. I saved that picture of Asia as her contact on my iPad hahaha. So we had an eventful week. To start off, we went on splits four times with members! It was super cool, and we got a lot of work done! The members are getting more excited for the work here in Parker. We found a really cool teenager named Isaac. He's a super cool kid! He wasn't super into God when we talked with him at first, but when we taught the Restoration, it peaked his interest! He really liked the Plan of Salvation too, he asked a ton of questions about "judgement day" hahaha. He's a really cool kid! On one of our splits, I went with a kid named Landen, who's getting ready to submit his papers. He's a really cool kid! He lost his dad to cancer a few months ago, so I had a really good talk with him about mom's situation and still trying to leave on a mission. The lesson we went to, Landen testified really well, and the investigator felt the Spirit super strong!! We also had four people come to church this week! The Diaz family came, except for the mom. They're doing super well, hopefully they can get baptized soon! Another lady named Theresa randomly showed up to church. She came with a friend, and we talked with her. She looooooves church, and so we're going to start teaching her!! A part member family in my last area also got baptized on Saturday. Saturday was rough cuz of mom's birthday, but the baptism made me feel better! I got to FaceTime in which was cool. It was a great week this week!

We also received transfer doctrines. Elder Peterson is going to North Las Vegas, with a missionary who's a pretty good guy. I'm staying in Parker. I'm still a district leader 🔫, but now as if I wasn't stressing before...... I'M TRAINING. It's going to be a crazy transfer. I'm excited but nervous too. I'm still figuring out how to be a DL, and now I'm training haha. It should be interesting. I'm going to have to go back into Vegas again to pick up my greenie, so it should be an eventful week. That was my week! How's the ward doing? How's the office? What are you doing for fun in NY? Have you seen Whitney or Marshall or Joanna or anyone lately? It was Marshall's bday last week. I hope you're doing well!

Love you Mis!


Leakehe and my replacement lol. (Elder Excell - he's a cool guy) Sent 7/25/16

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