Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #33

Hey Mis! Looks like a super fun trip! I've never been out there, I'll have to check it out some time when I get back! Tell Adrienne I said hi! Idk if she remembers me haha. As for FaceTime, probably 7 o'clock NY time. I don't know how long yet, the ZLs haven't told us. But I'm super excited!!! I had an awesome week! First off, we had a devotional from Elder Holland!!!!!! And Elder Lynn G. Robbins. It was awesome! I got to shake both their hands! Plus the devotional itself was amazing. They talked a lot about how the kind of missionary we are determines the kind of person we will become, it was pretty awesome. I loved it! We were combined with the West mission, so I also got to see Mike Ernst from the Elmira Ward! It was pretty awesome. He took a picture on his iPad, but I haven't gotten it yet. It was an awesome day though! 

We also received transfer calls. Elder Moen is getting transferred to Anthem, which is he richest part of Henderson. He leaves Tuesday morning. My new companion will be Elder Leakehe (lay-uh-kay-hey). He's Samoan and from Australia! I knew him when I was in North Las Vegas. He's a really good guy! I'm really excited. Other than Holland and transfers, nothing too crazy has happened this week. We've found some new people to teach this week though! We're teaching a part-member family consistently now, and they're doing super well!!! It's been awesome. I love this area, I'm glad I'm still staying! That was pretty much my week! I hope you guys have a good one! See ya Sunday!

Love ya Mis!

Trev :D

Trev and Elder Moen (Sent 5/2/16)
I'm behind and to the right of the Filipino girl in the yellow jacket on the left (Sent 5/2/16)
The lady took a really bad picture, sorry! Trev with Elder Ernst (Sent 5/2/16)

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