Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #35

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a good week! Did you drive down in the Forester? That was my favorite one out of all our cars back home. I can't believe Asia got a new puppy. It's funny that I was the one that "earned" it when we were kids, and now they get one when I'm gone haha. I love the pictures! They're awesome, looks like a good trip. I had an interesting week. We had to drop seven of the people we were teaching, but we found some really promising people to teach! Plus, there's this lady named Sherry. We hadn't taught her for two months,and then out of nowhere I SAW HER IN THE CHAPEL. I started to talk to her and she said she wanted to check out what our church was like. I sat next to her during sacrament, and she had tons of questions. She's a pastor herself (she has a doctorate in divinity), so she had a bunch of questions about priesthood authority. Our ward mission leader was able to help her a lot with those concerns, and we're going to start
visiting her again this week. We're super excited!

We also had two dinners one night -_- we had a normal dinner appointment with a Hispanic family. They fed us two pieces of steak, and a ton of rice and beans. Then we go to an appointment afterwards, where we're teaching a lady named Mona in a member's home. We walk in and the members are like "perfect timing elders! Dinner is ready." Leakehe and I looked at each other and fear came across our faces. We walk to the dinner table, and they're having BURGERS. More meat -_- so we ate two each. We had food stuffed into our face the whole night. We got home that night and we both just passed out on the floor. But, that lesson with Mona went really well! She had some pushy missionaries before, so we're teaching a little bit slower, and she's learning a lot. This area is doing really well! Elder Leakehe and I work together pretty well too, so it's been fun!

That was pretty much my week! Have you heard much from the old gang? I know Sean Sasser is killing it in Argentina! What are some fun plans you have this week? Have a great week!

Love you Mis!

Me and Leakehe (Sent 5/16/16)
"It looks like a couch!" (Sent 5/16/16)

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