Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week #27

Hey Mis!

Thanks for the pictures! Looks like you had a ton of fun! That's cool that you guys got to do all that. How close was Asia to Teixeira's butt?? Hahaha jk. As for Chuck and Lori, I sent a thank you email to Chuck. Hopefully he got it, but if not, I can write a letter. What's his address?

I'm sure you noticed, but I hit 6 months!! I'll send the ceremonial video at the elders quorum president's house in another email. It's been crazy how much time has gone by, even though the days are long. Also, Elder Moen and I are staying together for the next transfer. I love this area. The members are a HUGE help. The guy the Van Ordens sent Dad a picture of standing next to me is getting baptized Saturday, and it has been a great experience seeing him turn around so quickly. Charlie is doing well, the next hurdle he has is coming to church, and the Bishop of that ward has actually taken an initiative in helping him and Tommy out. He's one of the best bishops I have seen. We have a baptism this Saturday, and another next week and the week after that. This area has taken off, and even the members have noticed. I love serving here. We helped the neighbors of the ZLs move out of their apartment Saturday morning. It was pretty fun, except for they had a gun safe. It wasn't the lightest thing in the world. Me and three other elders carried it out of the apartment, across the lawn in the complex, into the truck. Once we put it in the truck, the owner was like "wow, nice job guys! I didn't even have to take out the guns and ammo! Or use the trolley!" -_- I'm still a little bit sore. That was my week! I hope you have a good one. How's school been? 

Love you Mis!


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