Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week #26

Hey Mis! 

First, I'm proud of you for proposing that argument in your class haha. That's pretty funny. Second, that's an awesome picture! Sounds like a good week!

My week was busy. The ZLs asked me and Moen to help them in some trainings in ZTC. Elder Valles and I did a training on our purpose as missionaries. We did a chair race, and it was to prove which chair was being used for the right purpose. It was awesome, I'll attach a video in a different email. I also went on three exchanges this week. I went with the ZLs first with Elder Wasden, then with Elder Whitten, then with Elder Glunt. Each experience was pretty awesome. On my exchange with Elder Glunt, we had dinner with a recent convert and her non-member family, and the Spanish elders were there too because her mom speaks only Spanish. So, I got to see Elder Simpson, my first district leader, and it was awesome! He goes home in August. Nothing else too exciting this week. We did have the most people at church this week that we've ever had though!! Which was awesome. That was pretty much my week! I find out if Moen gets transferred this week. We'll see! Have a great week!

Love you Mis!


Sent 3/14/16
Sent 3/14/16

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