Monday, October 19, 2015

Week #5

Hey Mis!

My week has been pretty good. We had 10 scheduled appointments for the week, and NINE cancelled. That was tough, but the Lord definitely blessed us, because within this week we met a 16 year old kid named Richard, and we taught him two lessons, and he committed to baptism on November 21! I'm really excited for him. We still have to get parental permission (he committed yesterday), but things are looking great for him. We also were able to have eight new investigators that we met on the street this week, so we definitely have been blessed.
Crazy small world moment coming up. Ready?
Elder Wightman and I worked at the Scout expo this weekend serving lunch. There we met a guy named George Warner. He's our bishop's dad. When he found out I was from NY, he asked me a bunch of questions. Do you remember Joe Liberati? He's a less active in the Binghamton Ward. When I went teaching with the missionaries, he was one of the people we visited frequently. Joe used to live in Milwaukee, where he met the missionaries and another guy. That other guy ended up being the one baptizing him. That was George Warner. 45 years later, I meet him. Weird, right? I sent dad his contact info in an effort for him to reconnect with Joe.
To answer your questions:
1. Did you have any success with talking to everyone on the streets this week after reading that talk? Yep! Richard was actually sitting on his roof chilling out. We hesitated to talk to him because it's sort of awkward talking to someone who's sitting on a roof. But we did anyways! And look what happened!
2. How does the whole internet access/iPad rules work? Like can you use facebook? I can actually read emails whenever I want, I just can't reply until P-Day. In our apartment complex, there's a fitness center with wifi, so I just read emails and study while I do the stationary bike or something like that. We aren't authorized to use Facebook yet. There's rumors floating around that in about a year they will authorize that. I can download apps, but only ones approved by the church. I can only download apps through a filtered app store that they use. iPads have been great though to play videos and pull up other church things in lessons, that's probably the nicest thing they assist in.
3. How long are your transfers? Transfers are every six weeks. Wednesday marks the halfway point!
4. Who did you meet with this week? Richard was the only set lesson that we had, but we had another "spot lesson" with him, and another one with a couple named Steve and Tavasha. They're really cool, we taught them the Restoration. With Richard, we taught the Plan of Salvation, and then the Gospel.
5. Would you like me to pray for anyone you are working with? I can't think of anyone in particular, but prayers for safety don't hurt!
6. How was your meeting with Adrian? The last lesson we taught him was the Restoration, but he was one that cancelled for this week. We're rescheduling with him for this week. He received the Restoration really well though!
7. What are you studying in your personal study? I took your advice, and I've been studying the Christlike attributes. Today I studied hope. Not only have these helped me become better, but they've helped me recognize and develop these qualities in others. Richard and Adrian have grown the most from what I've seen, it's been awesome.
How are things going with you? How's your semester? How's the MTC? I hope you're doing well! If there's anything you want or need from Las Vegas, let me know haha. How's the CD coming? The Disney music they have here is getting old hahaha.

Love you Mis!
I don't have enough time for the family email because we're leaving now, so just forward the stuff to everyone!
Oh by the way, there was a fire at our church building. One of the Scouts left a burner on and put a cooler on the stove. We spent Saturday morning and early afternoon cleaning up after the fire and then helping with the Scout expo. It was pretty crazy, the kitchen is completely destroyed.
I also forgot, can you email me a picture of our family so I can use it for my wallpaper? Thanks!
Trevor's zone at zone conference (sent 10/19/15)
Trevor with Elder Wightman at the temple (sent 10/19/15)
Trevor with his district (sent 10/19/15)
Trevor with his district (sent 10/19/15)
Trevor in his element (Five Guys) on preparation day (sent 10/19/15)

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