Monday, October 12, 2015

Week #4

The mission has been awesome so far! I was on an exchange with Elder Simpson earlier this week. He's really cool. He's from North Carolina, a fellow east-coaster. Anyways, when we were riding around on bikes, we came across a Brazilian lady who asked us for help. She told us that she was running away because her husband thinks she's crazy and is really mean to her. She asked us to call her son on her phone to prove she isn't crazy. As soon as she found out Elder Simpson spoke Spanish, she went on a rant in Spanish. When we called her son, he said she was crazy. Then we talked to her husband who had already called the police on her. Every time she saw her husband she got crazier, so we split them up. I calmed down the husband while Elder Simpson tried to calm down the Brazilian lady. We basically got to play peacemaker for a half hour until the police arrived. Fun times.

A couple days later, Elder Wightman and I were riding our bikes in a neighborhood. We saw some kids throwing a football around. So, we stopped and threw it around with them for like 10-15 minutes in front of their house, then we left. A couple days after that, we went to contact a referral, Adrian. When we got to the address, it turned out to be the same house we played football at! The kids that we played football with were Adrian's nephews! So we got to know them really well and we get to teach them on Tuesday! I'm super excited!

For Zone Lunch, we stopped at Five Guys. Made me think of my old job! I love and miss you all, I hope you're doing well!

Elder Trevor Morreall

My address is:
675 E Azure Ave
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