Monday, October 26, 2015

Week #6

Hey Mis!

I'm glad you had a good week! That's a fun trip too. I'm glad you got to go to the temple and visit some places where Dad and Mom had been. Wish I could've gone! How's school going? I read your other email about your old convert. That's really cool! I've heard you really don't see the effects of your mission until afterwards. As for the CD, those all sound good! We actually heard some Mat Kearney on the Christian radio. I can't remember what one it was, but if you think any of his songs are Christian-themed, send those haha. Maybe some Lindsey Sterling too. Anything else that you can think of, put on there. Thank you so much! My week has been good. Tough, but good. Most of our investigators have been flaky, but we had a great opportunity to do lots of service with members. Recently we worked at the Scout expo, but this week we also helped people move and helped a younger couple put together a crib. It seems like missionaries in the past didn't really connect well with the ward, but now it seems that the ward is warming up to Elder Wightman and I. Which is big, because members play a big part in missionary work as you know. We had dinner with the Fischer family last night, where we had spaghetti-on-the-table. No plates, no utensils, no napkins. I attached some pictures and videos at the bottom. Their tradition is to do that with all the missionaries, and
then after dinner, we're supposed to rip open our poncho-garbage bags like Hulk Hogan and yell. It was fun. We got to meet with Adrian and his kids. Adrian is a really cool guy, and he's been seeking truth for a long time. He and his daughter committed to be baptized! His son still has questions, so we're holding off on a date until his son commits. We're excited though. Our first couple weeks were rough, but I can see how the Lord is blessing us as we continue His work through faith. Those Christ-like qualities that you suggested I study have helped a bunch. It's been awesome. I hope you're
doing well with school and work!

Love you Mis!

Trevor and Elder Wightman eating spaghetti on the table at the Fischer family (sent 10/26/15)

Trevor ripping open the garbage bag (sent 10/26/15)

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