Monday, April 17, 2017

Week #83

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a busy week, that's cool that you're graduating soon. Sounds like a fun Easter weekend as well! My week was pretty good! It's been super busy with the new zone. Things have been super unorganized, so we've spent a lot of time getting things straightened out here for the Zone. 

The area is cool. We have a teenage girl named Jordyn who should be getting baptized at the end of the month, other than her, we've had to focus a lot on finding more people to teach. The ward is good. Not super missionary-minded yet, but getting there! 

I went on exchange with Elder Fordham this week in his area. He's from Indiana and has been out for a little over a year. We were on bike, and I loved it! I miss the bike life haha. We found a lot of awesome people to teach which was super cool. Elder Dodge and I also found a lot of people on Sunday with the Easter video! Easter was definitely super fun.

That was pretty much my week! Have a great week!
Love ya Mis!


ZLs and STLs (Sent 4/17/17)
ZLs and STLs (Sent 4/17/17)
ZLs and STLs (Sent 4/17/17)

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