Monday, April 3, 2017

Week #81

Hey Mis!

Sounds like a tough week with your finger! I guess you can't catch a break... (see what I did there?) That's cool you went to your mission reunion! It's crazy, when I get home, it'll be about three years since you've returned. CRAZY.

This week was good. First off, transfer calls came, and........ I'm getting transferred. Elder Ramirez is staying here in Havasu, and I'm going to the Black Mountain/Green Valley zone! It'll be the second time I'm in that zone. I'll be in the South Valley Ranch ward in he Black Mountain stake, and I'll be with Elder Dodge. I've served around Elder Dodge before, so I'm excited!! And the funny thing is, I'm replacing Elder Hatch there. AND, Elder Hatch is replacing me here! We're switching spots! Haha. It'll be interesting. I'll get moved on Tuesday. It's also weird, because the sister missionaries I came out with are going home. It makes me said, cuz it seems like my mission is coming to an end too... :(

I loved Conference this weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed Elder Ballard's talk, about continually trying to improve and to not be complacent. That's kinda been the theme of my mission, I keep trying to improve, cuz I sure as heck have a lot to improve on! I also liked Elder Costa's talk on his conversion. It's so important that we do the little steps that lead to conversion, whether we're investigating the gospel, or if we're lifelong members of the Church. We had some cool visits with people this week. The Rails and the Kershaws are both doing really well! It's sad to be leaving the awesome people here, but I'm excited for what awaits in my next zone. Also, Elder Wightman, my trainer, is going to be in my zone!! And he's in Castle Ridge, which is one of the wards I covered in Green Valley! I'm super excited.

I hope you have a great week! Good luck with your surgery. Hopefully it'll be a quick fix!

Love ya Mis!


Saying goodbye to Troy (Sent 4/3/17)

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