Monday, March 20, 2017

Week #79

Hey Mis!

You were in Vegas again? Hahaha nice. There were some kids from BYU in Lake Havasu for spring break, they came to my ward for church. I got to talk with them a little bit, it was cool haha. Look at you and your brackets! Haha Dad told me about the snow. That poor guy haha.

My week was pretty good. I had two exchanges. I was with Elder Owens in Havasu for the first one. It was pretty cool, we got Troy all set up to do some family history now that he's baptized! And we're slowly working on his mom. Her son is Mormon, and so is her mother, and they live in the same house, so it's inevitable hahaha. Just a matter of time :P

I also was on exchange with Elder Stucki, again in Havasu. It was fun! We saw some pretty cool miracles! We found some cool people to teach, one of them being a part member family. The mom is a less active member, the Dad is not a member, and they have 5 kids. The oldest is not a member, then the next two are, and then they have one who is not, and then the youngest is too young to be baptized. They're a cool family! The missionaries used to visit them, but the oldest said that she never got baptized because she never understood why it was important. Well, we can help her with that! Haha. We had a really cool lesson about just baptism. She said that she understands it, but that she doesn't feel ready. We taught her about Christ's Atonement, grace, and repentance, and so she said she wanted to work towards it!
We're super excited.

Another cool miracle: a lady that we're teaching, Shari, loves everything and the church but has some concerns that the missionaries couldn't quite answer. We talked with our WML about it, and came up with some ideas about it. Unbeknownst to us, his wife walked into our investigator's shop that she owns in town. Shari was there, and got talking with her, and Mormons came up some how. Our WML's wife said
that she was Mormon, and Shari just started asking a bunch of questions. She said up a time to have lunch with Shari and some Relief Society women next week! We were shocked when the WML's wife told us. Their family is pretty much the definition of member-missionary work! It was cool to see.

Priscilla was supposed to get baptized today, but we pushed it back a week because her uncle will be in town next week and wants to see it. Priscilla also asked for me to baptize her! So that'll be fun.

Have a great week! Love ya Mis!

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