Monday, August 8, 2016

Week #48

Hey Mis!

Training has been different, but fun. Yep, the 12 week program is still going strong! It's a good refresher for me too to re-learn and practice the fundamentals, it's helped me a lot! 

We had a busy week this week! It started with an exchange Tuesday. I went to the ZLs area with Elder Romero. He's from Colorado, and he's been out 3 months longer than me. He's a good guy. At the end of the night, on the way home we stopped at McDonald's, and after we got our food at the drive thru window, he gave a pamphlet to the guy at the window! Haha. It was pretty funny, I got it on video. Rigby was with the other ZL in Parker, and they went and visited a guy named Ronnie Thomas that we used to teach. We got ambushed by his pastor, and since then, he hasn't wanted to talk to us. Elder Gerloff, the other ZL, used to serve in Parker and taught Ronnie, so they stopped by. Ronnie was super happy to see him! They set up a time to visit again, and Rigby and I have visited him every day since. He's on pace to be baptized next month! 

We also got to see the Diaz family again. They're doing super well! We're going to teach them tonight, which I'm super excited for. We met with the Grenwalt family this week too, Josh and Iliana. Iliana is a member but hasn't gone to church since she was little, and Josh isn't a member. They had been coming to church for a few weeks, and we were trying to figure out the best time to start teaching them. Well, we got a referral through a text that said that Josh Grenwalt requested a Bible! 30 minutes later we were at their doorstep. Josh wasn't home, but Iliana was. She was super excited to see us, and we gave her a Bible and a Book of Mormon, and set up a time to visit the next day. The next day, we taught the Restoration to them, and they soaked it up like a sponge! It was awesome. We're seeing them again this week, and I'm excited!! 

Friday was the new missionary temple trip. It was a long day driving to and from, but it was fun! We carpooled with Elder Ryder and Elder Smith, and they're really good guys. It was a fun trip, I'll send pics in a separate email. This weekend was also stake conference, and President Cavalieri from our mission presidency spoke. It was a fun weekend! It's neat going to other people's stake conferences besides back home, it's cool to see how it's still run the same anywhere that you go!

That was my week! I hope you have fun in Utah, especially with your new job. Travel safely!

Love you Mis!

Contacting at the drive thru (Sent 8/15/16)

Ice cream after stake conference (Sent 8/15/16)
Temple!! (Sent 8/15/16)
Temple!! (Sent 8/15/16)

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